Sunday, January 22, 2006

Just When I Thought It Was Safe to Relax!

As I wrapped up my pre-election activities and prepared to get a good nights rest before that busy day tomorrow. I just did some browsing on some of my favorite media interest sites.
And what do I find......Of Course.......The Seeds of another Liberal scandal. This one involves a number of left wing individuals and their organizations, the CBC, Elections Canada and of course implicated once again by reason of association The LPC!
What's going on? Our children are being exploited at school in an interesting attempt to introduce and involve them in "The Political Process". What's the problem? The who and what that are sponsoring this program!
Read all about it at Angels Tread.....

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Blogger TonyGuitar said...

This story makes us look like a banana republic. Just the idea that extra ballots would be allowed to go floating about is beyond belief.

Edmonton*s added voters. The Edmonton Journal makes reference to *a mix up*.

It is more accurately termed ballot stuffing. A spade is a spade, after all.

Living on Vancouver Island, I am too far away to personally look into the possibility of similar stuffing that I suspect is underway in Surrey - Delta, just East of Vancouver.

At one time I operated a trucking business in Vancouver and so admit I know of nothing specific at the moment but with history in mind and the nature of the Liberal incumbant who asserts that he did not offer the NDP candidate a job in Ottawa if he would throw in the towel,
I suspect a little sctratching by investigative Vancouver bloggers may well hit pay dirt.

That is something I would look into myself if I still lived in the area.

Hope someone who can will look into the possibility. I know of no one who lives there any more. 73s TG

I think my reasoning is sound and so provide my URL:

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