Friday, February 10, 2006

MSM Sits on Scandal Story 6 weeks!

Well It Did Not Take Long to Get My Attention Back on the MSM

As I recall this story first appeared over 6 week ago on the blogs!

A big Hat Tip today to Kate over at Small Dead Animals for letting us all know about this little piece of work over at CTV:

February 09, 2006

CTV: Reloscam Story On

Saw a promo at supper news - the Reloscam story is finally making it to air on the CTV National Whistleblower segment this evening.

Read the background at Conservative Life from Jan.1, 2006.

Update - read the comments for more Having watched this, my respect for Kathy Tomlinson just fell a notch. As Craig Smith points out - this story was in the can for 4 weeks , With the potential to be as big or bigger than Sponsorship, CTV instead chose to hold it during the election. Why?

That means there plenty of time to corner the Public Works minister of the day, Scott Brison. Yet, his name was never mentioned in the piece. Instead, CTV showed footage of the new PW minister walking through a lobby and told us officials hadn't briefed him yet.

CTV's Online version.

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I sent this to CTV……..


Subject Line: Nice job of sitting on that story for 6 weeks


Remember…Scott Brison? Minister of Public works for the LIBERALS under who this was going on?

You credibility is rapidly approaching zero!



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