Thursday, February 09, 2006

Two Stories That Are Really Bothering Me

Two stories that are really bothering me…………………….

What do you think of this?

Number One….Islamists In our country threatening academics!

From : with other links provided
Professor Peter March is threatened over intention “to Discuss’ the lampoons from Denmark and the resulting furor.


Does anyone else want to see these petty thugs go to jail?

I would like to see the University press charges against the would be enforcers.

This should be their responsibility and the Prof Peter March as well as the Faculty Association at Saint Mary’s University should be pushing for this.

Anyone care to send a few letters and emails to St. Mary's?

Number Two….Disgusting behaviour by people who should know better!

Another one that got me was what I saw on CNN last evening. From the Funeral of C.S. King two democratic activists use the pulpit to launch a political attack against G.W. Bush who was attending.

In the process crap all over the dignity and memory of Martin Luther King and his deceased widow Corretta.

Ex President Jimmy Carter the weak kneed liberal peanut farmer and pastor who’s limp foreign policy allowed the evolution of much of today’s world problems. The only possibly saving thing was his stupidly senile appearing grin that he flashed after making the remarks.

Pastor Rev. Joseph Lowery, also abused his moment of respect for the family to make stupid comments about his political views directed at Bush.

I really do hope that the family gave these two jerks an earful!


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