Friday, February 03, 2006

Update on Oprah's Pet Book...

Well it seems that since my first post on the saga of Oprah and the book "A Million Little Pieces" our heroine the "O" has decided to come down HARD on author James Frey!

She invited ( Summoned?) him back to her show ( court?) to explain ( stand trial?) how and why he decievd her so. O boo hoo! Poor Oprah!

My question is why did this fool allow himself to be put on display and publicly pilloried by the TV guru of estrogen worshippers?

Boy was that nasty? The episode seem like death by a thousand little tortures. Oprah had the guy by the ( figuratively) balls and just kept needling and squishing till there was nothing left of the poor shmucks diginity. Well that is if he had any to begin with.

What a display! Well I gues there's no more reason for me to watching the O anymore. Or at least till someone engineers a new spectacle like that.
Wow that Oprah! Literary Critic, Judge, Jury and Executioner!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I totally agree. I do not feel sorry for Oprah, why didn't her staff research it before it was endorsed. That isn't even the point. It's a good book, whether some parts are memoir some parts fiction, whatever. It was a personal experience, most of it, and it was a good read. Nobody is worse off for having read it. Maybe it even inspired a lot of people before it was completely condemned. He could have marketed this under fiction and people would still have read it. Who's making this a point, who cares. When i heard it I didn't. I actually felt sorry for him on Oprah. I mean how much pressure do you get from Publishers, i have no idea i'm just guessing. Really, everyone loves a good story. I hope he continues to write.

2/08/2006 6:40 p.m.  

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