Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I Like Wonder Woman -The Bloggstress

The North American Patriot - Wonder Woman
Well she was gone for a while but not forgotten.....I missed her clear headed observations.
AND now she's back! In a less active mode mind you but back just the same.

I say Welcome Back Wonder!

Click on the Title above to link to her posting about how lunatic the leftosphere is getting!

Some vile and delusional ranting strewn liberaly with puking adolescent potty mouth in response to conservative Blog Postings - If you ever go KOSing you've probably seen it there.

And these cretins have the nerve to call conservatives intolerant fascists?

Somebody's parents should have been spanking someone.......



Blogger Fergy said...

That was actually Richar Evans cross posting from

OT and BTW how are the tracks coming?

9/16/2006 3:47 p.m.  
Blogger PGP said...

Yep I know where the post originated...I was just saying that WW has some good stuff.....seems personal issues are keeping her out of more involved orignal posts.
As for the tracks....I did a couple of side trackt Muddy Waters - Rock Me.....not happy with the results yet.

9/18/2006 5:03 p.m.  

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