Monday, February 12, 2007

The Helmet Generation - Thank The Meddling Fools of the Left!

Just borrowing this from SDA who picked up the bits from Peaktalk !

"The high costs of risk aversion are coming home to roost with a Helmet Generation long on self-importance and short on leadership;"

""If we never took a risk our children would not learn to walk, climb stairs, ride a bicycle or swim; business would not develop innovative new products, move into new markets and create wealth for all; scientists would not experiment and discover; we would not have great art, literature, music and architecture," says Sir Digby.""

""He adds that by attempting to remove risk, "all adults are colluding in a shameful deceit; not only are we regulating the lifeblood of enterprise out of people, we are also teaching the next generation of wealth creators that risk, failure and competition do not exist.""

Blame the parents of these coddled precious drones for supporting the cultural programming and indoctrination of Hive Mentality at the hands of Meddling Socialist Fools!

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