Friday, May 11, 2007

Friday Night and A New Beer is in Order!

It's the Crack of Noon! And that's early enough for me to say enough of this world of Moonbats and Idiotarians, Stupid Politicians and Lying Scum Publishers!

Bring on the Beer & The Blues right NOW!

Die wichtigsten Exportmarken

From the Land of My Forefathers: Bavarian Konig Ludwig Weissbier - Royal Bavarian Beer

It's brewed by the Konig Ludwig Schlossbrauerei of Kaltenburg.

It's been called "The absolute ‘Star Performer’ at beer festivals" and may may convince even people not normally inclined to drink “cloudy” beers!

This baby is all natural with yeast in the bottle and a cloudy presence that will likely put off the timid or inexperienced.

For the bold or those overpowered by their own curiosity there is an adventure to be undertaken!

Now I do know a thing or two about summertime beer drinking and it's not likely that ONE 1/2 liter bottle or stein will suffice in the heat of the day ( or the night for that matter ) so I came away woefully unprepared for this with only one to sample from the store! ( He Said with a Sigh!)

They use two kinds of barley and wheat along with some of those wonderful old country hops and malt to give a very mellow and subtle aroma and flavour! It pours cloudy out of the bottle and produces a small head that settles into a fine lacy cover over just slightly golden body. The bottom of the glass produces a steady effervescence and lets you know that you're enjoying a truly live product of nature.

The Nose is delicate with only hints of the hop and other subtle and pleasant things like fresh bread and wildflowers.

The taste is clean and just slightly presenting nutmeg or banana with something like wild fuit! Nothing overpowering at all and finishing clean and crisp.

Just the thing for thirst quenching on hot summer days or warm nights with a few friends on the patio!
Just be sure to have enough for everyone!

Cheers ( and get on over to ) FNB&B


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