Monday, June 04, 2007

Facts Don't Matter - Just Believe What You Are Told!

IS this consensus ?

Excerpt from "Are We Lumberjacks" :

"If Al Gore is right, why does he need to cheat? He said there was a consensus within the scientific community on man-made global warming in 1992, and there wasn't. So now he says that this time there really is a consensus, but the difference this time is, oh wait, there is no difference - it's still a lie."

Oh BTW - Our taxpayer funded National Broadcaster last night? Lots of energy and your money being spent On "The Fifth Estate" to denigrate the "Deniers" ! All the usual references to scientists who are supposedly bought and paid for by the Bogeyman "Big Business".
Here's a link to the report The Denial Machine where CBC does it's level best to sustain it's own "Machine" of left wing propaganda and general self righteous BS!

Just like the Gore - acle the Lying promoter of his little get rich(er) scheme is trying to coerce politicians into helping his interest ..... The CBC is cheating you out of Tax Dollars to promote the POV of the producers on Front Street!
Gotta keep the story alive somehow.


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