Friday, June 01, 2007

Friday's Beer and Whatever

I'm off to the store to see what's on the shelf!
Stay tuned.................. And we're back with something new from an old tradition!

The Beer is "Paulaner - Original Munchner Hell" and it is a treat!
Brewed by the Paulaner Brewery of Munich in the Allemagne region of Germany. A brewery that's been around since 1634!

Check out the web site and meet Paula!
OR this Paula ;)

This is a classic German Lager in every way. It's manufactured under the Law of Purity that ensured German Beers to be wholesome and clean.

And so it is! Pouring clear into a tall glass producing a volume of pure white froth that settles down to simple lacing in the glass. The body remains light golden and perfectly clear as you raise the glass to sample. The nose is slightly hoppy and floral at first then settles to a soft aroma just enough to remind you of the malt and hops used in the brew process.

The flavour is light with a hint of spice and the sensation over the tongue is too. It's a clean refreshing experience that begs another sip. Although I found it a little on the flat side for my taste it remains clean tasting and refreshing.

Just the thing for a sunny warm spring day!

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Darcey says - "She tastes as good as she looks....." I'll bet!


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