Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Know Your Enemy!

Read and Learn!
"The current manifestation of Great Jihad, which I call the Third Wave, is largely waged as form of a fourth-generation warfare. On page 67 of his article, referring to Insurgency and Terrorism: Inside Modern Revolutionary Warfare by Bard E. O’Neill, Mr. Akins writes:"

"Fourth-generation warfare
occurs when a militarily disadvantaged belligerent seeks “to convince enemy political leaders that their strategic goals are either unachievable or too costly for the perceived benefit. The fundamental concept is that superior political will, when properly employed, can defeat great economic and military power.” Fourth-generation warfare is designed to “ensure political rather than military success.” Another new development is that in 4GW, “fighting will not be limited to nation-state relationships. Rather, opposing factions will be divided by race, religion, or class.”...... "

H/T to Gates of Vienna





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