Friday, November 09, 2007

Just Because It's Friday !

Say Hi Again to Monica ...

and thanks to

Now I've got an Italian Beer to Share with an Italian friend!
Yeah.. you bet I'll share one with you!

On a more serious note ....
I happened upon a new (to me) blog that seems to have a broad range on interest and decent organization ......

Flares Into Darknes .... Looks like winner to me!

Here .... They Warn Of A Fraud ... and link to some investigations of what looks like an effort by AGM proponents to create a Phony anti-AGM website and Fake Credentials linked to a Non-Existent study ...... Well it's a bit convoluted but in the end it makes some sort of sense.
But Who has the time and the motivation to spend on such elaborate scams??

Check it out and follow the links there!

It's Friday after all and time to wind down...



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Anonymous Shere Khan said...

Monica sure is a welcome sight for my tired eyes.

It's gonna be a good night to stay home, drink some beer and shine up my resume.

A guy can only take so much hypocrisy.

11/09/2007 12:41 p.m.  
Blogger OMMAG said...

But how can you think of passing up all those wonderful union benefits??

11/09/2007 1:22 p.m.  
Anonymous Shere Khan said...

Yes, those glorious benefits, like where they don't kiss ya before screwing ya? Those ones?

Or where they rape you for 1.5% of gross so they can go on weekend drinking binges at CUPE 'functions'?

Yeah, gonna miss those....

11/09/2007 2:48 p.m.  
Blogger TonyGuitar said...

Yeah, she is a Renoir classic.

Or is she THE Black Satin Doll?

Thanks for the lead. It led me to this with two videos to the *KillaBike*..

One video = good, and one video verry bad.

This is a problem that will kill many people and possibly lead to speed governors on all EVs sometime into the future.= TG

11/13/2007 3:51 a.m.  
Blogger things said...

hi ommag, i am setiawan. i am come from indonesia - jogjakarta at mid java. nice to see u at your blogger. i am in but this is my new blog. i hope this is can be our relationship to the future.

see u next time.


11/20/2007 10:38 a.m.  

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