Thursday, November 29, 2007

Karlheinz Won't Say Boo .... Unless!

Update : Karl starts talking!

Spill your guts already! Your wasting our time and our money....

Unless of course
..... He gets his guaranteed protection from German prosecution.
He wants to stay here!
He does not want to go!

Now who exactly is the least bit surprised by this? Who thought for one nano-second that this sleazy piece of eurotrash had anything of value to add to anything?

Can we deport him now? I believe that the clock is ticking on that 15 day reprieve.....

Goodbye Karl ....... Consider yourself lucky if you don't get a size 14 boot up your ass on the way out!!

IN other news related to worthless scumbags....
Senator Edward Kennedy has been offered a big bucks deal for yet to be written memoirs.
Many bloggers are commenting ....... In anticipation of such an event I've be holding onto the link for - The Official Fatboy Ted - Glad I did!


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Blogger cherenkov said...

Are we expected to believe anything this guy says? The guy's a con man, and everything he says is motivated by his need to delay his deportation. Of course if he says anything that may help the Liberals score political points against the Conservatives, they'll jump all over it as though the words came from God. It's all so ridiculous. I'll be happy when this guy is finally in jail in Germany with duct tape over his trap.

11/29/2007 8:16 p.m.  
Blogger OMMAG said...

Yep.... the most interesting part of this is how willing liberals are to depend on what he says!

11/29/2007 8:50 p.m.  

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