Monday, November 12, 2007

The Usual Suspects!

That would be the ACLU and CAIR ..... joining forces once more to impede law enforcement agencies in their efforts to get a grip on clandestine activities of terrorist groups and their sympathizers and supporters.
STOP the ACLU has the story and links......

Here's my favorite excerpt from the ACLU press release:

".......singling out individuals for investigation, surveillance, and data-gathering based on their religion constitutes religious profiling that is just as unlawful, ill-advised and deeply offensive as racial profiling.” And also, “the mapping of Muslim communities…seems premised on the faulty notion that Muslims are more likely to commit violent acts than people of other faiths.”

Yep sure thing......... always seems to be a bunch of whacked out Baptists or Mormons blowing things up and shooting people!


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