Friday, February 29, 2008

Man's Work.....

Maybe they'd last a bit longer and work a bit better if SOMEONE took the time to vacuum the G*ddamned laundry room once in a while??

Appliances are funny things (!) .... everyone ignores them and abuses them until they break... then all of a sudden that f**kin dryer is THE most IMPORTANT thing in the world....

Well it ONLY cost $140 bucks in parts and a new bumper for the f150 (price TBA) thanks to the octogenarian jackass that didn't know the difference between parking rows and traffic lanes at the mall.... (HE DOES NOW and alzheimer's or not he won't forget that!) killed my Friday afternoon and wasted over two hours of my time.

Frankly my dear .... I don't give a damn how far you have to walk in the snow to dry the laundry!

Oh Yeah ...... AND Your WELCOME !!!!!


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