Friday, May 30, 2008

Fridays Beer!

Moose Drool Brown Ale

I'm having me a cold one !

From the Big Sky Brewing co. of Missoula Montana 12fl oz. at 5.1% abv for the beer and the Brewer's web site features great music from Shane Clouse and others like The Drive By Truckers!

This one came my way by the good graces of the NBP and courtesy of Darcey and his thoughtfulness. So don't forget to get on over to the Broom and check out the fun!

So let's get down to cases with this beer ....
The bottle as you can see has a really cool label and the featured creature the drooling moose.
Seems these guys have a fun outlook on the world and considering where they live and work .... why the heck shouldn't they??
When I popped the top on this one there was no excitement and when poured this bottle was kind of lifeless .... no foam no fiz and just a whisp of bubbling. It kind of looked like pouring flat Coca-Cola and the colour was just about exactly that of Coke. So here I am looking into a glass and listening to some cool tunes and thinking that I may have got a duff bottle!

But this is not the case apparently!

Under the nose there is a potent and delicious aroma of well roasted and rich malts. Almost like the bake shop sensations and caramel you get with some English Dark Beers.

My sniffer is a bit off with allergies right now and I'm not picking up much in the way of hops or other aromatics. They could be there but right now I'm missing it. Not that it's a problem because what is there is very delicious.

And so .... to the taste ! The feel on the tongue is a bit dry but the flavour comes on strong.
All that good malty stuff that reminds me of burnt sugar and coffee and just a bit of grassy hop flowers to finish. There's a nice aftertaste that reminds you that it's time to have another sip!

I can't be sure if this is the way it's supposed to be but the way it is .... it's fine!

If you like rich darkish beer and hearty roasty toasty malts you'll like this Moose Drool I think....

Get another opinion or just go get some and try it! Other Opinions Here!

Looks like I got a flat one here !!!! How yummy would it be with the full body fresh and foamy?

Sheesh !! Did I forget to send everyone over to DustMyBroom dot com? For beer and blues music! It's a Friday Night Party every Friday ..................

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