Friday, August 01, 2008

Friday's Beer

More of a recap from last weeks adventure and a Preview of the weekend picks I'm doing the evening out........................

Last week there was a bit if a brew-ha-ha at the place where we and our friends hoped to enjoy our wedding anniversaries. Seems the policy of hiring bimbos as hostesses and servers has some drawbacks .... like they don't listen, don't write things down where they are supposed to, don't know the policies and practices of the joint and don't know the first thing about the beer they serve.
I won't dwell on all the sordid details of the clusterf@ck these poor simps created and I'm happy to report that it only took a while ( and a couple of free beers) to get us back in the groove we had planned and arranged to be in.

But One Thing I must say ...... when you serve Hoegaarden on tap and get an order for one .... DO NOT ... bring me frikin Stella in a Stella Glass and try to convince me it's a Hoegaarden !!

I will drink the Stella while you go back and bring me the beer I ordered ... and your manager will (as he did) pay for them both.

Ok! Got that off my chest .... so what's on tap this weekend?

For the OMMAG crew it's going to be a trip back to the well of HalfPints

Little Scrapper IPA

and as a alternate for some variety a few more of these....

Boddington's Pub Ale

Hope you all have a great summer (long) weekend and for those of you not going out .... Why not go visit Darcey and the Broomers over at Friday Night Blues & Beer thats www dot dustmybroom dot com .......... FNB&B

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

May I ask which patio you were on so I can avoid the place.

Was it Saffrons in Little Italy because I have always found it horrible in terms of service. The people watching is great, but not the food or service.

8/01/2008 2:19 p.m.  
Blogger OMMAG said...

Nah ... It was not Saffrons....
The manager made a profuse apology and bought us beers to make up for it.

I wouldn't tell anyone not to go there and I'll be going back myself.

Actually our friends are going back tonight.... cheers!

8/01/2008 2:44 p.m.  

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