Thursday, August 28, 2008

Just Call The Stupid Thing!

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is pushing all the buttons that usually get pushed when a government wants to get down to an election.

And the MSM isn't happy about it!
Margarete Wente of the G&M for one :

"Watching Stephen Harper do his election striptease is not an edifying sight. We all know where this is going. So why does he have to be so coy? Please! Just call the stupid thing and get it over with!" Says Mags.....

The The Red Rag of Toronto : Raises the specter of Harper as Bully and tries to blame every problem in the country on the Government's meaning PM Harper's policies.

Others are in a tizzy because the Fixed Election Date legislation is an issue! Even though it's Not.

Still others have begun the "Hidden Agenda" chant .... even if quietly in the background.

Yep! It's election time alright. But you'd think the MSMers would be really happy about it. No?

Well I guess the problem they are having is that the actual opposition parties ( the one's that run for office and hold seats in parliament) are not seemingly up to the task or maybe they're sleeping at the switch. Or maybe the CBC news team haven't figured out the election strategy or briefed the Libs on it yet.

Caught flatfooted? I think so.

Most of these tools I think, have been so engrossed with the US election circus and particularly their kindred spirits in the Obamarama show that it's taking them a few extra breaths to get focussed back in our own nation.

Not that it is stopping the preprogrammed knee jerk responses to anything that our Conservative Government does.
One thing you might observe is how few of the print media bozos or TV talking heads use the term Prime Minister when speaking of our Prime Minister. Some even referring to the LIbs as the "Liberal Government"... as in "The LIberal Government will not force an election until they are ready..." !

Reality for these people is something they believe or would like to believe it seems.

And THAT being the case, having our Prime Minister Stephen Harper control the agenda is likely what's got them most upset. Because of the simple statement of fact regarding the state of our government the public is being forcibly pulled out of their summer dolor and have a thought about just what the hell is going on in Ottawa.

The scripted stories of the patriarchal media are all being interrupted by PM Harper.
Manufactured crisis and faux scandals combined with the obligatory dog and pony shows of stacked Commons committees, unnecessary hearing of one sort or another, trumped up battles with corrupt civil servants and all the attendant hoopla, bone headed policy announcements of Dion etc. All these now become a side show soon to be forgotten as the public will now be deciding what they want to know about and who is going to be believed.

After all! What nerve to think that the "Natural Order" of things can be changed by mere usurpers like The Conservatives. Yes, the simple bias and assumption of privilege that used to be the bench mark of our MSM and their political pets has evolved into raw hatred and contempt since the dispatching of the Libs. I'm sure also that the constant frustration of having to carry water for the impossibly inept Stephane Dion is compounding their bile production as well.

Rage away boys and girls. Lash out in desperation and fear. Spin away madly.

Your Liberal pals are going to be put to the test and I think you already know that they are going to be found wanting.

I wonder if the Canadian Media have looked at any polls regarding how little trust and respect they command?

(I'll be searching for some polling data on this matter)


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nicely written OMMAG. I'm sure lots of bullshit polls will give libs hope along with the MSM cheerleaders.
A one fingered salute to them and their ilk.

8/28/2008 12:15 p.m.  
Blogger OMMAG said...

Yes indeed...

8/28/2008 12:44 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And they wonder why PMSH stayed clear of them for months.
They spin and stir 'til it all says 'Harper mean, Dion smart'
Sad that the MSM has a lot of voters by the gonads and hibatchies.

8/29/2008 2:07 p.m.  

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