Thursday, September 25, 2008


The Libs and the Greens are colluding to try and offset the advantage that the CPC has over them in public support.

As Joanne reports at Blue Like You over a gaff committed by Liberal Andrew Telegdi where he says "…In fact I have even cooperated with Elizabeth May on immigration and citizenship issues and I agree with her that job #1 is to elect Stephen Harper as Prime Minister …"

Joanne points out that what this slip reveals in truth is that the Liberals are in fact colluding with the Green Party to subvert the Canadian democratic process.

I'm sure there are some legal smarty pantses out there who will either prove me wrong or prove me right .... BUT .... is this not illegal?

If not illegal at this time then perhaps a good issue to investigate since so much has been claimed about how these parties need fair treatment from their viewpoint that anything less than being given full cooperation and participation in things like televised debates is "anti-democratic".

To be blunt this is pure hypocrisy on the part of both parties.

The good thing is that the left wing politicians as a whole are looking very frightened and desperate.

The sad thing is that they plainly have NO respect for democracy. If they did they would lay aside the farce of pretending to be separate and distinct political entities and form a single political party.

I recommend the name "Socialist Marxist Party of Canada"

Ultimately these so called progressives, a name which they choose themselves believing that it makes them in in fact progressive, will continue to reveal the nature of their motivation which is all founded on spite, mistrust and envy. These are the parties of petty grievances and authoritarian contempt for the rights of the individual citizen.

They prove it every time they speak.

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