Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday's Beer ! ( and Just Because)

Say hello to My New Buddy ...

That's Rosie baby ....

And the other one......

That's Sam Smith Imperial Stout

A sturdy 550ml brown bottle with a gold wrapper on the cap holding back 7% abv lusciousness.

This one pours nicely and dark... DARK !

Produces a healthy head of caramel coloured foam that settle out in a few minutes to lace the rim and keep the top alive with effervescence.

The nose is really a olfactory reflection of the body here. Powerful rich dark scents that remind me of coco and coffee. Overlaid with some beautiful spices and citrus flower hops.

On the palate a first blast of nut like bitterness and then coffee fading to chocolate aftertaste.
I nice sequence of biting crispness followed by smooth creaminess and finished with a slightly grainy and clinging sensation like after a chocolate cake is finished.

Pretty Damned good if you ask me!

Take a look at it under a microscope Micro Brew?

And other opinions may be slightly Higher Than My Own !

We have winner I think! Now get on over to : Dust My Broom dot Com for Friday Night Blues & Beer
Harps and Hefeweizen eh?



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