Thursday, January 08, 2009

A Present In The Mail - Liberal Desperation

Out of Money ... out of Date .... Out of Touch .... Out of Ideas ..... Out of Their Minds.

Today my postbox had a little surprise in it courtesy of the Liberal nobody Pablo Rodriguez and with a postage paid fold showing the Ottawa office of Anita Neville as the return address.

Anita, the only elected LI-beral in the province who it seems has been awarded the titular Chair of the Manitoba Caucus. (They do not say WHAT Manitoba Caucus mind you but being an organization of essentially ONE person I guess things like that don't matter much.)

Yes a little cheap paper note that was bathed in the reeking fear and loathing of the LPC with a healthy dash of desperation.

Truly good for a laugh the brain trust of the LPC demonstrates their profound understanding of economics and governance in the usual manner by offering a handful of worn out talking points such as:
Conservatives Have No Plan for Economy...
Squandered surplus ....
Irresponsible Spending...
Canada Worst shape of G8...
Blah blah blah blah ...

You know.... combined with some cute little quotes from the editorial pages of the Winnipeg Freep and the Glibish Mewl ... letters to the editor written by ... ???

I suppose that we should be impressed also that this offering is represented as being a message from one Pablo Rodriguez? Should I know who this is? Should I really care?

In any case, I am Delighted! Delighted because this little shred of paper represents something that makes me quite happy.

The thing that really stands out is the fact that this piece of toilet paper came printed double sided on the lowest grade cellulose that I've seen since laser printers came into use.

The most amateurish effort of publication that I have seen since I was in high school and that was before they had PCs and software to do the work. I've seen better produced handbills distributed by lunatics running around in intersections at rush hour that were done up on $50 printers and old windows software.

It is truly revealing how the absence of taxpayers money affects these worthless cretins.

Now I wonder. Since this is prepaid should I send it back? Is it my own taxes that have been used to produce it? Was this covered under some tax payer funded allowance?

Scraping the bottom of the barrel?

Perhaps anyone who did find one of these in the mail should return it sending a personal message about your concern for the LPC.

Be creative!


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Blogger Lost Johnny said...

hahaha! Thanx for the smile this morning bud, I needed it.

I'm starting my own party so I can be chair of the Manitoba Caucus. I think I'll call it the "Johnny gets Wednesday off with pay every week because he's a great guy and deserves it, and he has nice shoes" party.....pretty much the same ship Neville is sailing in.....

1/09/2009 8:11 a.m.  
Blogger OMMAG said...

Did you get one of these in the mail??

1/09/2009 6:50 p.m.  
Blogger Lost Johnny said...

nope, got one from creepy Neville a couple of weeks ago, same talking points as her pre-retention slobber, just re-arranged on the page.....

1/09/2009 7:22 p.m.  

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