Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's Not Fair!

Sobs Ontario Provincial Police commissioner Julian Fantino !

On Tuesday, a three-judge Divisional Court panel rejected Fantino's complaints against retired justice Leonard Montgomery in the fractious case.

Montgomery has been presiding over a hearing involving two senior members of Ontario Provincial Police whom Fantino has charged with misconduct under the Police Services Act.

The Rest Here..

Basically the argument offered by Fantino and his lawyer is that the presiding justice of the hearings is wrong to ask questions of Fantino.

Evidently he does not like to be forced to answer for his actions.

This remember is the guy who has had OPP officers protecting criminal thugs while interfering with local homeowners and law abiding residents of Caledonia and other locations.

Who has refused to interfere with the protection and extortion racket established and refused to prosecute legal action in numerous politically charged cases since being appointed by Ontario PM Dalton McGuinty ( feel free to interject any well deserved expletives).

The same Fantino who has been at the center of numerous political machinations in the OPP and been carrying water for the incompetent and disingenuous Liberal Government of Ontario.

The same guy who saw fit to prosecute invasions of private property in the cases of numerous law abiding citizens and business owners for no other reason than they happened to be in the LEGAL business of buying and selling LEGAL firearms and other related services.

The same guy who promoted the idea that having the power to confiscate private property (automobiles) for no other reason than the owners MIGHT have broken some traffic law or even for the simple fact that they had installed an obnoxious exhaust system and some cheap plastic body modifications.

The same guy who advanced the cause that his minions should be granted arbitrary powers over any law abiding citizen while at the same time refusing to conduct enforcement exercises that would hinder blatant gangs of criminals.

Julian Fantino ....... Too Precious to be held to account.


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