Saturday, May 30, 2009

Some Justice


Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday's Beer !

Say Hello !

To Chimay Blue ... Grande Reserve ..Extra Strong Ale!

Another fine brew brought to you by Peres Trapistes... these from the Abbey at Scourmont Belgium.

This dusky dream is 9% abv in a short 330ml bottle.

No disappointments here!

She pours lively and dark filling the happy glass with a slightly cloudy deep caramel body topped by tawny froth. The head settles down and disappears after a few minutes but there remains a lively effervescence in the body.

Sweet aromas waft up to greet me ... a combination that truly is like an angel's breath should be!

A Sudden burst of chocolate and coffee at first ... then roasted caramel malts bathed in the essence of spring wildflowers flowers and fresh cut grass.

The first taste taken with a deep inhalation offers a sharp tang that makes the taste buds jump and the salivary glands do a mambo. Pause and try again ... yep!
There is a slightly grainy sensation on the tongue then the complex flavours take over then the after glow of sweet sensations ... then a slight drying ... She begs me to take more of her!

The lingering flavours are like a grande tour once around the bakeshop

Again and yet again without more than a few seconds to consider we do this dance together.

She offers herself ... I indulge ... I savour ... I want more ... and so it goes.

Dark spices ... caramelized citrus ... chocolate ... angels tears ... sunshine ... joy!

This is very good ale.

Other Opinions

Thanks to friend David from North Vancouver who has found an import loving private beer store.


NOW ... get your ass over to www dot Dust MY Broom dot com

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Just Because It's Friday !

Aubrey says "Deal or No deal?"

I say ... As long as you brought Belgian Ale in that case!

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

The NEW America ...

So you Americans think you have a constitutional right to live under the rules of the Constitution?
You think you are protected by the Law from the whims and prejudices of every crazy prick that takes offense over your beliefs?

Think Again :
A Pastor and his wife from San Diego have been threatened with fines by a county official for holding *illegal* Bible studies in their home:

From Mitchieville Posts By The Mayor


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MSMers Still Creaming Their Pants for "0"

Or I could call this "Headlines I do not have to rewrite" ...

Photos of a young Obama reveal a campus hunk

Thank you John Rogers at AP !




I Rewrite the Headline


Not So Much for the Science ....

As for the fact that it's just not attracting the level of attention they'd like it to !
Europeans Want new name for flu



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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lies and Liberal's Love

Why do the lefticles love a liar?

Perhaps there is some affinity for "one of them" being just like "one of us!" Kindred spirits...

Perhaps there is some attachment to old Saws like "Never trust an honest man!" or perhaps "You can't cheat an honest man!"

Of course people who live so deeply in self delusion may simply feel safe in the fact that such a scoundrel will never force them to look at themselves and ask that sort of question.

And that's really what it is all about with the left ... self loathing and fear.

An article from:
The Belmont Club !

With an H/T to USS Neverdock


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Your Moral Superiors

Brought to you by : SDA

A glance at the workings in the offices of ...
The Arbitors of Morality!

So the point is that because the LIberal leader was shown embarrassing himself, this became a breach of conduct.

However, the daily and innumerable slurs and fabrications coming out of the very same Media were not?


Somebody please get a shovel over to the CBSC offices !


"Once in a while the MSM does report about LI berals without covering up for them.
Then it's necessary for the bureaucrats to step in and "Correct" that mistake."

Now just imagine what is going on the other 99% of the time.

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Why Should We Keep Bashing Liberals?

Because of the nasty truth behind their thoughts and actions.....
The Insane World of Liberals

From USS Neverdock and Der Spiegel ...

"In an excerpt from his new book, SPIEGEL editor Jan Fleischhauer describes his childhood in a typical West German liberal family, with parents who wouldn't let him eat oranges because they were grown in countries ruled by dictators, and his coming out as a late conservative."

Remind me again who are "The Extremists" !


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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Because I know Who Actually Poses A Threat ...

To the wellbeing of myself and my children...

"Alleged white supremacist mother says kids were coached by child welfare staff"

... Manitoba Child and Family Services removed the girl and her younger brother from the family home last year after the girl showed up at her elementary school with white supremacist symbols and slogans drawn on her skin in permanent marker ...

"I think my daughter was either force-fed to say these things ... or she was coaxed, maybe into saying them, if she did in fact say them,"

Sure Canadian Press ... vilify the straw man ... The victim here regardless of the distasteful personal views ... and raise up the culprits ... who impose the soulless will of the state without compunction or rightful cause.

On a scale of 0 to 10 of who holds the potential to cause any real harm in our world ... its' the Nanny Statists who score a clear TEN and the simpleton Racists a total ZERO !

File this one under "Know Your Enemy" among other things.


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Today my cat found something in common with the Governor General of Canada.


Although "Buddy" had to work for his banquete de la sangre derramada and
celebración de la tripa

I love when PETA heads explode .... I can hear them popping in the distance now!


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A Very Good Gauge Of Mental Competence

If you come across anyone who thinks the UN should be your moral or intellectual guide ...

Rest assured ... they are not!
With a H/T to newish contributor to the Broom ... Mark.


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Monday, May 25, 2009

Moral Equivalence

Tell me again ... just who are the extremists?

When you criticize a left wing government for their policy or their failures or for any reason at all you can be sure that the response will be that you are some kind of ... "ist" ...

You know how it goes! Shut up ... you are a Racist ... you are a Fascist ... a Sexist ... an Extremist!

This happens to be exactly the response of the Manitoba NDP in dealing with criticisms of their complete failure in the matter of legislation allowing the municipalities to set up temporary speed zones and use commissionaires to operate photo-radar equipment.

The kerfufle in Winnipeg came to a head when a bright young law student took the justice department and the traffic enforcement branch to court over improper speeding citations, fines and charges.

It turns out that not only was the matter an abuse of policy but based on faulty legislation.
In the aftermath the NDP has slandered critics with the term "Extremist" among other things, also the NDP Justice minister Dave Chomiak has lied about the matter of law and about several issues that involve the city as well as his justice department and the matter of the flaws in the legislation.

Just a little slice of local drama ... but ... all too typical of how left wing ideologues respond to inconvenient facts and criticism.
The Black Rod elucidates!

Meanwhile at SDA Kate couples a pair of larger issue conflations in the Left Wing Media...

"....An Islamic thug screaming "death to Jews" in the streets of Sweden is a "youth" or an "activist".

An Islamic thug screaming "death to Jews" from a podium at the United Nations is a "conservative".

Thus concludes your Media Terminology Update for today."

So ... to be perfectly clear ... according to the MSM and The NDP... the message is that if you are a "Conservative" you are just the same as an "Islamofascist"!

Because they have determined that Islamofascists are simply "Conservatives" and they have determined that if you are a conservative in the political or social sense ... under the rules of Lefty Logic ...

People who Criticize the Left = Fascists ..... They just never let go of those same old thoughts.

File this under Know Your Enemy among other things.


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Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday's Beer !

Well ... I finally found some joy at the local beverage store and managed to pick up 4 or 5 new brews this past weekend.

One ... of course was My Long weekend Beer ! from Half Pints.

Next on the menu is Green's Discovery - All Natural - Amber Ale :

Billed as No Wheat - No Barley - No Crustaceans - No Eggs, Fish, Peanuts, Soya Beans, Milk, Lactose, Nuts, Celery, Mustard, Sesame Seeds, Sulphur Dioxide and Sulfites !

Supposedly 6% abv it comes in an oddly shaped 500 ml bottle and has an eye catching green and tan label as well as a spanky green and white tag over the neck.

The web site offers this:

Gluten-Free Beers

Green's was founded in 2004 to brew full-flavored beers without barley or wheat, so beer lovers with gluten intolerance, also known as celiac disease, could enjoy them. The beers are brewed at Andelot DeProef Browerij, in Lochristi, Belgium.

Made from millet, sorghum, rice, and buckwheat, as well as classic hop varieties, they are fermented with a traditional Belgian yeast strain and bottle-conditioned. They are also vegan.

Being a natural skeptic when it comes to anything that so clearly aims itself at the enviro-weenie, sickly, under developed and under nourished crowd ... I had to put off doing any reading on the product until I had tested it. So I did not know anything about the "beer" until I gave it my usual sampling routine.

And here it goes:

The bottle pops open with a little bit of energy.
There's a steady sort of effervescence in the pour and she fills the happy glass with a nicely coppery and slightly cloudy body and a bubbly froth on on top.

The head goes away fairly quick and so does the lively bubbles.

On the nose there are some familiar yeasty and hoppy smells that are pleasant and accompany a slightly sour aroma that other beers that I like have possessed as well.

Now over the lips and past the gums ... the sensation is disorienting because there is just a watery and slightly acidic or citrus tinged taste. Clean and easy to swallow, no aftertaste and just a sensation like I've just washed my mouth.

Easy enough to drink ... no bad after effects ... but no joy and nothing to satisfy the senses.

The fact is that this beverage although not offensive ... IS NOT BEER !

So if you are afflicted with allergies or are otherwise overly concerned about ingesting things that actually have character or perhaps just feel compelled to buy into anything with the "Green" marketing buzz attached to it ... then this just might be the drink for YOU!

This beverage has NOTHING to do with REAL BEER except that it is marketed as such.
The fact remains that It's NOT BEER ... OMMAG declines to recommend Green's to his friends or his enemies.

Now ... get your self over to www dot dustmybroom dot com for Darcey's Friday picks and pickin' ... read about another (real) beer and listen to the blues from some of the coolest artists ever to walk the planet. Maby share a chuckle with a bird or a camel too ....


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Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Weaker Link...

AP Bailing Hard for Pelosi

As usual the leftards at Associated Press are deep into the bilge water of the Democretins water logged and rotten hulled boat.

"The CIA matrix also reported that Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-W.Va., then the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, was briefed on Feb. 4, 2003."


No doubt in the fevered imaginations of MSM idiots and other semi-literate shit wits, the people who hold the security of their own nation as the reason for their very existence are nothing more that caricatures of science fiction "Smiths" in overly slick suits and dark sunglasses ... just itching for the opportunity to break their revolution and secure the rule of the machine!


USS Neverdock is like a steamroller flattening out the loose chunks of crap in th road.

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Teaser ...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hump Day Hump of The Week - Returns

What do you call an eighteen year old who auctions off her virginity to the highest internet bidder in an attempt to set herself up with a college fund?

I think Stupid - - - - will suffice :

**Mrs. OMMAG says I cannot use the C word any more**

A teenager who sold her virginity online for £8,800 has revealed the details of her tryst with the winning bidder. Alina Percea, 18, auctioned her virginity on a website so that she could afford to pay for her computing degree.

The winner of the auction was a 45-year-old Italian businessman but she had no qualms about going through with the deal. The businessman from Bologna paid for her to fly to Venice where the couple toured the sights before spending a night in a luxury hotel.

Now isn't that just PRECIOUS ?


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Fruits of My Labour

What do you do when the May long weekend is miserable and you don't have a nice 5th wheel, cottage or camp spot?

Well ... one thing to do is home repairs and renovations.

Miscellaneous hardware = $375

Aggravation and cost of having to buy a piece of 1 1/2" ABS drain pipe when you only need about 3 inches .... about $5 including the gas used going back to the hardware store. (++ the price of a few extra beers to get the equilibrium back!)

Satisfaction of finishing project ... worth another couple of beers.

Satisfaction of getting 18 yr. old son out of the main bathroom for most of the time ... Pretty High!

Priceless will be when I finish the shower ....


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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Spammer In Chief

This is disturbing on so many levels :

The President E-Mailed Me This Week And You Could Be Next

I got an e-mail from the President this week and, frankly, I think that's pretty cool.

More here ...

Gold from the comments :

"Big deal. The President of Nigeria e-mailed me this morning, and he wants to give me 2 million dollars!"

Now just imagine what would happen if A Republican President started spamming people!

And BTW - Just where did the tool get your e-mail addy KC?


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Memo To America ( The 25% ers)

Let's say that about half of the US voters chose Democrats and if the demographics hold close to HALF of Americans are of Boomer age which means that around 25% of the people who voted in the US over the last 4 years are old enough to know better and STILL supported the Democrats and Obama!

If you are old enough to remember Jimmy Carter, and the rest of the gang from the pixie dust and hug your enemies White House and you STILL voted for Obama and/or the Democretins in Congress and the Senate ... then you deserve every last moment of misery your are going to get because of it!

Just to refresh your memory:
National Energy Policy - 55 mph speed limits - Kalifornia inspired fuel efficiency measures - 80 mph speedometers - Over 20 years of nothing but crap being manufactured in Detroit and foisted on the public - Unions running wild - the highest unemployment figures since the 1930's - NO recovery in sight - Arms talks that surrendered your right to defend yourself - appeasement of your enemies - hugs, kisses and payola to marxist thugs around the globe - Iran being tossed under the Islamofascist hooves - Israel being sold down the river to appease the third rate Egyption dictator's military regime - Syria being given up on - Khadaffi being kissed and pandered to as Libya arms itself to become the center of Islamic Jihad - Lebanon being handed to the Islamofascists - Algeria Allowed to be run into the ground by thugs - The nascent Saddam Hussein regime in Iraq - The invasion of Afghanistan by Russia - The arrival of and subsequent pandering to Nork Nutjob Kim Jung Il - The entire African continent set back half a century by Marxist criminals and lunatics - Commie stooges taking hold all around South America - Mass Starvation and non- existent civil liberties in the Majority of Eurasia and the Far East ... Need any more?

[And don't bother arguing that Nixon ( the Republican ) created the problems.... Carter did NOTHING to correct the scumbag's mistakes.]

As for the 25% of American voters who chose to ignore these lessons and all of the warning signs about your current crop so called "Leaders" ... It's Not that I much mind if YOU suffer the consequences of your own ignorance, stupidity and stunted mnemonic and reasoning skills ... the problem is that the rest of us are getting splashed with the shit you created!

Thanks a lot you morons.


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Zombie Stimulus

While many of us consider the vast majority of Obama supporters to be virtual zombies this is a new twist on the mindless drones theme.

It seems that the bureaucrats are really ... really ... in a hurry to get all those stimulus cheques in the mail:

"This week, thousands of people are getting stimulus checks in the mail. The problem is that a lot of them are dead. A Long Island woman was shocked when she checked the mail and received a letter from the U.S. Treasury — but it wasn’t for her..."

STACLU takes the lead from FOX on this story of zombie stimulus.


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Monday, May 18, 2009

Long Weekend Beer!

Just because there have been no new beers presenting themselves to me .... there's been no good reason to post a Friday's Beer item.

However... as with all things ... the pendulum swings both ways. And so I present my new find.

From Half Pints Brewing right here in Winnipeg ... St. James Pale Ale ...

She pops with a satisfying little sigh and pours clean and clear with just a little bit of white crispy topping.

The head fades away to a light lacing in just a few short breaths and the aroma is like perfume from some deep ancestral memory. Sweet baking malts that remind me of the caramel on a cookie sheet and wonderful floral hops that are steeped in citrus ... a mouth watering aroma that stimulates all the right responses.

There's a bit of the hop's citrus character seasoning the beer on the palate and just an undertone of those caramel malts. The finish is crisp and clean leaving you ready for whatever comes next.

This is a beer for all of the summer, thirst quencher, food companion and just because it is so enjoyable. Pleasing my senses in every way.

I'm giving the boys from St. James full props for this beer ( two thumbs up and 5 stars ). For a local craft brewery to field a champ like this and make it one of their regular lineup is truly remarkable.

Thanks Boys!


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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Just Because!

I'm sure that's exactly what the builder was thinking too ......................................... *Now with links *

BAD DOG Cycles is the builder.


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Friday, May 15, 2009

Just Because It's Friday!

Say Hi to Silvie.....

This gaze could make me forget that our Winnipeg weather is more like March than May and really screwing up the long weekend.

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Canadian Press ... Still Carrying Water for LIberals!

My pal Darcey who operates the Blog and Other stuff at is enough native to have earned the right to call bullshit on the victim industry pimps and political whores.
Like CP and Anita Neville .

Darcey fills in the background on the issue :

"In the spring of 2005 the former Liberal government announced $5 million in funding for a group called Sisters in Spirit who were researching missing aboriginal women in Canada in cooperation with the Native Women's Association of Canada. In the end they never received any of the money promised at all. The Conservative Party promised to amend the situation if elected and they did. Flash forward for your morning hypocrisy..."

Neville, who is one of the slimiest political parasites ever to have attached itself to the public skin is taking on the role of lead hypocrite in an attempt to make the Conservative Government wear the failure of LIberal programs that NEVER got off the ground and were never a real concern until it became an opportunity to snag a few votes from the uninformed and easily manipulated.

Of course CP is right there playing the part of public Megaphone with a piece that is nothing but the wrote repetition of the LIberal propaganda.

Memo to the "Professional" journalists at CP ... your days are numbered!


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Clowns In Politics

Really Really Funny Clowns!

American Democrats ... The CIA is out to get us!


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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Things I Found

While looking around my old school ...


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The King Cometh.....

The Lord Obama has demanded that the France Shut Down ALL Tour Operators on the 65th Anniversary of D-Day to accommodate the need of the Anointed One to be unimpeded in his sojourn.

From Lasso of Truth

Will the Fwench find their testicles and tell the White House to go F@ck themselves?


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Monday, May 11, 2009

The Good Life!

It never fails to amaze me how much time and effort can be put into simple fun...

This is in all probability the world's fastest DOCK ! My friend who made it says: "It's all fun and games until someone loses a BEER!


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It Can Be Good To Look Back Sometimes

Although I am prone to the outlook, that it's good to understand the past, to be aware of the present and to keep your eyes on the horizon ... sometimes going back and digging around your old days can be very rewarding.

My exercise in reminiscing over the past weekend turned out to be one of the best experiences of my years. When I was in high school I never really thought much about what I would take away in terms of relationships or memories. The good times were pretty good I thought and there really wasn't much in the way of negative experiences. So let it be and move on.

In fact those years were pretty much one big party with periods of low key fun punctuated by episodes of manic hilarity. So that was that and move on.

Now grind forward about 37 years ... going back for my high schools 75 anniversary ... I held some hope of... maybe ... seeing a few old faces and mostly the same ones I've kept in touch with over the years.

Well it turned out to be a much bigger thing than I had anticipated with over 1100 alumni (and teachers too) registered and it looked like most of them showed up in addition to quite a few more who just showed up. One thing leads to another and each contact to several more ... truly amazing what can transpire in just a few hours out of a weekend! With literally hundreds of people that share some past memories and only about 12 hours to cover it all ... well let's just say I'm a little gravelly in the throat now.

As soon as I get my camera sorted out there'll be pictures for all ..... some cool stuff I think.

But ... best of all I learned that some folks I never thought I would see again are alive and well and prospering. Even news that one of my teachers is still kicking around ... galavanting around the world it seems... This Really Made My Day:
Wolfspoet ....

Here's looking to the future ... without forgetting the past ... keeping alive some of those great memories.



The VICTIM ....

The Secret Hidden Agenda ... Revealed By...

LIberal and LIberal Media...

On the one hand ...

"I am requesting to everyone that is watching today, to all of the public and to all Canadians and also to the media to please hold judgment and give my family the privacy as we go through this due process as the facts and the truth come to light,"

On the other hand ...

Her Lawyer ... alleged that the foreign workers had concocted their allegations in a "purposeful attempt to destroy Dr. Dhalla's career and credibility."

So it's AOK when her and her lawyer set out destroy the reputations of those who criticize or complain about the LIberal MP .....


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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Can America Afford These Cretins ?


Friday, May 08, 2009

Just Because It's Friday!

Virtual Blogging from Cambridge....

Say Hi to Sylvie....

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Thursday, May 07, 2009

When You Wonder Why ....

... There is NO Intelligent or Rational debate with the Left ...

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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

It's Because A MAN Must Have Been The Cause...

... Of Debra Gindorf snuffing out her two children ...

Good thing the ACLU is out there testing the legal waters for all of Life's refuse.

H/T to Stop The ACLU


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British Peer ... (Labour) ... Charged With Fraud?

... The Labour peer accused of claiming £100,000 in parliamentary allowances on a vacant flat is a social housing tenant, it has been revealed.

Baroness Uddin, Britain's first female Muslim peer, faces a possible police investigation for fraud over allegations she claimed the money by saying the flat was her 'main home'...

In spite of the outrageous behaviour and attitude .... I'm betting that the Britwits let this Sack-O-Crap walk......

You can read the rest HERE!

Hat Tip to Marc Landers Here!



Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Your Moral Betters at Work...

Anita Neville and The BLOC Quebecois ? Want to force Canadians to Keep the Gun Registry.

Never mind that it's a fraud and an expensive one......

Also never mind that LIberal Pols who told their rural constituents they would help get rid of the registry are now in Ottawa trying to force the government to keep it.

Don't you feel safer ?


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Ok! So You Can't Stand To See Them Used.....

... The legislation passed with overwhelming support from European parliamentarians and took direct aim at Canada's hunt, calling it "inherently inhumane." ...

In that case we'll just slaughter them because they NEED to be slaughtered.

... ST. JOHN'S, N.L. - The future of the centuries-old commercial seal hunt appears in jeopardy after the European Parliament approved a ban Tuesday on seal products, a move that triggered suggestions that a cull may be needed to manage the herd.

And maybe just because we know it will make your heads explode.....


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Machievellian? Or Just Convenient Circumstances?

Where I may indulge in a little conspiracy theorizing.....

With things like the Massive financial failures and the fallout in other industries going on and on, it seems that there is precious little informed and critical commentary in the mass media.

Also, whatever critical analysis that is out there, is being disparaged as coming from "The Fringe".

The chickens are surely come home to roost for those corporate elites who have had their way for too long. Not that I'm complaining about executives who try to make good business decisions and fail for some reason. In the matter of some of these executives though it's been more a case of their bad decisions and bad strategies resulting in the inability of their businesses to cope with drastic circumstances.

To be sure some would have inevitably been forced restructure or fail anyway. And, to be sure the politicos have had a big part to play in this mess.

The whole business though of the bailouts and such has me thinking a bit about the recent past where certain US prosecutors were so HOT for the blood of high profile investors and tycoons.

Consider the treatment of Conrad Black at the hands of Patrick Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald has a long history of being very serious and very successful in prosecuting corruption in high places.
He also has a history of being and staying politically connected and although his great patron was a Republican senator Peter (no relation) Fitzgerald has retired the Prosecutor remains in his position in Illinois northern district. And yes there is an Obama connection.

So where are the prosecutions of the FannyMae and FreddyMac directors?

How come AIG execs and others get to ride of into the sunset with nary a whiff of federal attack dogs on the hunt?

It makes me wonder just what may have been the real motivation behind the show trial of Conrad Black and the vindictive sentencing that followed.

What would Conrad have had to say about the events of the last 12 months?

Beginning with the run up to the US primaries, seeing the MSM slavishly pander to the Liberal Democrats. Watching the shady dealings of the likes of Clinton and Obama along the way. Observing the slanders from the politicos and the media go essentially unchallenged in the mainstream.

Would or Could Conrad as the head of his media empire have been a voice of reason in the days of delusion?

Would Mr. Black have been inclined to expose the hand of Soros in the promotion of Obama?

Would Mr. Black have had something to say about the corruption of the Chicago and Illinois political machines?

What might he have said in regard to the Acorn frauds... or the ongoing thuggery of Obama's pet social activist group?

What of the corrupt and incompetent Congress or Senate?

What of the subsequent actions of the US government in their incursions upon the markets and the cornerstones of US industry?

What of the incompetent and disingenuous Obama White House?

And certainly what of the incompetence and complete lack of will among the MSM to take on these issues?

While he may not have had anything to say in these matters and while even if he had the impact may have been negligible... It seems that we'd be better off of he had been free to do so.

Mighty convenient that he's in the slammer through all of this.


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Monday, May 04, 2009

Truth Be Damned ....

At U of Albany ... it's cover your ass time.

Or as Freeborn John puts it, When push comes to research dollars it's like living Kafka at Albany !

For your average run of the mill Warmist acolyte these people are off the radar ... but in the so called 'Scientific Consensus' ... Wei-Chyung Wang is oft quoted and his "work" offered as evidence of conclusive warming trends in China.
Doug Keenan ... a respected mathematician ... studied the Wang data and found it questionable.
He then researched the data sources and methodology and found it ... obviously fraudulent.

He informed the U of Albany (where Wang works) of his concerns and followed up with a formal complaint.

The UofA in turn stalled and proceeded to break their own formal rules for handling such serious complaints. In the mean time ... Wang received over $7 million of research funding from federal agencies to continue his ... ahem... work.

Now it seems to me that we have a person first perpetrating a scientific fraud then obtaining federal funding by presumably fraudulent means then a state funded institution looking like they are trying to cover up the fraud.

Now Freeborn John sees this as sureal....

I wonder what would be the response of mssrs John and Keenan to our HRCs?

I also wonder how grad students under the Wang umbrella like this situation.

My question is: When someone covers and protects a fraud ..... does that not in turn make them a fraud as well? And in the USA is that not also a set of fellonies? Felonies that would not only result in jail time and big fines ... but also being permanently disqualified from receiving any further funds?


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Sunday, May 03, 2009

It's Always Swine Flu...........

Yes ... I think so... Regardless of where you go.

"A farmhand who travelled to Mexico and fell ill upon his return is believed to have infected the pigs with the H1N1 influenza virus. "

One question that kind of bothers me is:

Just what was Joe the hog slopper ... Doing With the hogs to make them sick?




Saturday, May 02, 2009

Yesterday was May Day!

In our happy socialist paradise all was cheerful and bright!

Our fearless leaders have created a new economy, bypassing the fearful consequences of economic recession by the genius of ... just refusing to acknowledge $330M of debt.

So go forward good people on your "Progressive" path of joy and social justice.

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Friday, May 01, 2009

Just Because

Well! After all it is Friday...........


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Just Because It's Friday !

Hey !
Recognize that guy?

I'll give you a hint... left handed Canadian guitar player who got his first Strat when he was 12.

His dad was my gr.10 English teacher...

Also my old buddy... and we haven't talked in years.

But today we managed to touch base for the first Time in over two decades.

Life is good sometimes.


Now get on over to Dust My Broom dot com for Darcey's picks....

Tonight's Lyrical Highlight:
You know I sneak to the river, I couldn't get across.
I grabbed an alligator and I rode him like a hoss!

CHEERS for Now!


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