Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Last Election ?

There was never any doubt that the Iranian elections were a dog and pony show to create an impression of legitimacy for the powers that be in that Islamist theocracy. And the fallout that came with this last one is only confirming what any thinking person already knew.

I've been wondering how long it would take Amaddinnerjacket and his cronies in the state militia to forget the pretense of democratic intention.

The fundamentalist Mullahs who actually do call the shots may even be getting upset with the power that this little fruitcake has manged to grab for himself. But that's too late for them.

Look for something like another Khadaffi type regime soon where ever increasing braggadocio propels the power brokers into one outrage after another. The current reaction to election protests in Iran is just the thugs putting the pot on the stove. They'll soon turn up the heat and the first to get cooked will be the activists who have spoken out.

Watch for moves against the mullahs too. When those guys become the target of his militias, for whatever excuse, then the power shift will be too far gone to stop.

Keep your eye on the little freak for more posturing and threats to the regions outside Iran.

Watch for the military buildup near the Iraq border and the Afghan border as well.
Read some Michael Totten


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Blogger talnik said...

All because 28 years or so ago Carter tossed the Shah under the bus.
And what excitements will await us 28 years from now ?

6/18/2009 7:16 p.m.  
Blogger OMMAG said...

All because The Rest of America's political entities ALLOWED Carter to toss the Shaw under the bus.

And then ALLOWED the bastards to hold other Americans hostage.

6/19/2009 6:07 p.m.  
Blogger talnik said...

But then, after hiding under his desk for many months, he invaded Iran with eight helicopters.
I tried to stop him OMMAG, but I was too drunk at the time.

6/20/2009 2:02 p.m.  

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