Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Election Hooo Haw - But First ....

Some Google Auto-complete fun :

The MSMers have been banging the drum for a fall election all summer long.

It has been insidious and relentless.

An endless stream of slights, slurs and outright lies propagated about Stephen Harper and conservatives in general. The unceasing efforts to hold up Ignatieff as something other than a crass opportunist and phony pretender to a Canadian life and outlook.

Today it reached a climax with an early morning lionizing of Jack Layton as being the "reasonable" man in parliament .... the Saviour of Harper's bacon .... the wise adult.

It is to laugh .... the disgraceful clown who attempted to engineer a coup through the coalition of the Criminal the Secessionist Traitor and the Marxist political parties, is held forth as something of a statesman!

Idiots and unabashed lovers of all things other than what is our great Canadian Heritage, the mainstreamers have proven over and again that their only interest is in how much havoc they can create. Such deep and abiding love for the corrupt party of Powercorp and the Mob that they must spend every effort to aid abet that party of assumed entitlement.

Leave it at that and things are sorry enough in the mainstream media. But can they leave it at that?

No.... In a twisted theme that writhed throughout the day like the convulsions of a junkie detoxing off a speedball binge, the MSM contort their view of events in every effort to hang on to that fast disappearing buzz of belief in their inherent ability to create and manipulate public opinion as unchallenged arbiters of truth.

The fever swamp home of the most deranged of them is going dry and it can't happen soon enough for this Canadian.

The clamoring desperation evidenced in the MSM on this day alone is satisfying to my heart.... because NOTHING is better than seeing your enemies frustrated.

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