Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday's Beer !

Finally ! .... I feel good and I'm going to feel better in a bit.....

Figli 150 Anniversary Amber

I picked up a couple bottles at the MLC store a few weeks ago and just got around to popping one of them...

This is a pretty simple beer ... the nose is nicely perfumed with bitter hops and sweet malt over some yeasty sourness. I don't mind that combination in a beer.

The pour was clean and produced a nice gold-blonde head over a clear amber body with carbon bubbles that keep it sparkling.

The first taste was slightly bitter as the hops advertised and the mouth feel smooth at first and then slightly grainy. The last sensation is sweet and drying.

I'd give this beer about 3 / 5 .... somewhere between "non male" and "il la cosa migliore "

I'd buy a few more and share them.....

Of course there are ..... Other Opinions



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