Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday's Beer !

Haven't had a lot of time for staying in and doing anything so new beer samplings and that sort of stuff have gone by the wayside.
Well .... the weather has taken a turn for the worse so I figured a trip to the MLC was in order.

Look what I came up with ...........................

Say hello to Cannery Brewing's Maple Stout!

Maple Stout is a very strong statement about flavour.
She pours dark as can be and produces a substantial caramel brown head of crispy foam. (even when chilled down to 40 deg F).
A whiff off the top gave a powerful snootfull of caramel and even that maple syrup aroma over a base of hops and coffee. The brew promises a lot of flavour.

First taste is like a mocha java without cream and leaves a bitter coffee and burnt sugar aftermath with a dry grainy sensation. Almost like a straight shot of espresso.

This is no adventure for the taste or sensation adverse soul.

After a few minutes the froth goes down to an even top skim and after few sips the potent taste assault becomes expected. Not unpleasant if you like this sort of challenge. (I do)

The upside is that every draught allows another nosefull of the delicious aroma.
The downside is that it leaves you dry and thirsty.

I think that if they spent more on the hops and allowed the brew to age some that the finish could be smoothed out considerably.

As it is .... we get a very strong but unsophisticated blast of flavour that is going to require this tester to quaff a couple smoothers afterwards.

Give'er a try ... but don't say you were not warned.............. she's an iron fist of taste and covered in a velvet glove of aroma... a brute wearing sweet perfume.

Maple Stout


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