Monday, June 27, 2011

Were From the Government ....

And we're here to HELP!

An old adage that cautions against accepting "assistance" of any kind from governments. However, espcially relevant in regard to those victims of widespread flooding in  North America. Although the reality of the flooding root causes is entirely in the extreme accumulations of precipitation, there is some responsibility that falls on the various governments and their agencies charged with water management and flood control. In Canada and in the USA water ways that traditionally have been well dredged have not been for decades and where diking has been shown to be needed there has been negligence in its upkeep. This combined with artificial restrictions in flow along many major waterways has combined to create flooding conditions across a greater area than has been seen for many decades.

If you subscribe to conspiracy theory ... it's all a big plot to flood people out and take over their land.
I'm just wondering exactly what the US government would actually do with vast swaths of farm land.

Hat tip to USS Neverdock


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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Naomi Orestes .... Propagandist

Found this article from S. Fred Singer ... a real scientist ... about how a commie apparatchik from Uof C San Diego has been spending her time .... and other people's money.

Orestes ... for those not able to recall any facts about the history of AGW  fraud and scientific concensus scams over the last 20 years  is a favorite quote for the likes of Albert Gore.

Her CV cites expertise in science and history .... but Mr Singer makes clear the farce of these claims and nicely skewers her literary efforts as he sums up exactly what she is really all about.

Commies love the AGW scam and all the politcial buffoonery it instigated .... and Naomi Orestes proves it. Whether cynical dedication to the cause or simply another useful tool Orestes is all about the big lie.


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The NATO Equivocation

NoPasaran ... Erik .... shares some insights on what NATO members other than Canada have to offer.

NoPasaran .... If NATO is an essential source of stability in the world, heaven help us all.

I say we get the hell out and never again lift a finger to help these turds in any way.




Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Obobo Brings Home the Troops eh?

The poser sent over 30k extra US military personnel to Afghanistan in 2009 .... so now he is ordering the 30k home again.... big effin deal.

In a similar veign ....
OR ....

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Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

In the news again ..... Incompetent ... corrupt ..... executives from FNMA and FHLMC and the oversight committee (FHFA) expect to be rewarded with senior federal positions.

Are there NO adults left in the US Government?

It was these two agencies under the supposed oversight of the Federal Housing Finance Agency that were responsible for tanking the US economy in 2008. Although there is long and deep history of various members of the US congress and senate having failed the people of the USA ... some should even be in jail as I see it (Barney Frank)..... the fact the these agencies and the law makers who are supposed to keep them under scrutiny are still committing crimes is appalling.


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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fast and Furious ....

AKA Operation Gunwalker .... the US Bureau of Alcohol Tobaco and Firearms  channeled weapons to Mexican Drug Cartels ..... resulting in the murder of US citizens and law enforcement personnel.

American citizens murdered on US soil as direct result of Obama administration policies.

This attrocity is just another in a long line of highly questionable strategies and tactics by US government agencies under the control of appointed by Obama directors.

From Pyjamas Media  .... PR-op for Gun Control?

You can read into this whatever you want .... but if you don't understand how badly this stinks then you need to go find an adult and have it explained to you. The Obama administration  are either the biggest bunch of fuckups to ever plant their asses in Washington .... or they are just plain evil.
In either case .... they need to be put in front of whatever adults are left in the US government and be forced to explain themselves.

This should be followed by sacking .... criminal prosecution .... and long jail terms.

Hat tips to Small Dead Animals and Pyjamas Media


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Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday Pain In the @ss

Why is it that after a perfectly enjoyable weekend .... certain sorts of people feel the need to create chaos at work on monday?


Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Night .... Man In the Kitchen

One pound of pickerel fillets .... sliced evenly and laid out in a flat dish. Covered with the juice of 4 limes, 2 lemons and a dash or two of tobasco sauce. (Pickerel Sushimi)
Let that sit in the fridge while you prepare some vegies.... One red bell pepper ... one green (cut up fine) medium white onion (vedalia cut thin slices and then chopped)...two beafsteak tomatos (just the outside meat and skin) large garden cucumber (skinned and with the center seed mush removed, cut up into 3 in chunks then sliced thin).... drain a can of corn niblets. Put each prepared vegetable on a layer of towel to dry.
Water is your enemy in this dish............

Go cut the grass .... work on the Jeep .... come back in about two hours..... drain the sushimi and lay it out on a paper towel to dry.

Mix the vegetables in a large bowl .... season with fresh ground black pepper .... sprinkle with cayenne and hot chilli ( just a sprinkle here) .... mix in a table spoon of coriander seed ... add the sushimi and sprinkle with red pepper sauce.

Serve on a bed of lettuce or on soft tacos ..... makes a great wrap.... add any other seasonings or side sauces that you like .... goes good with any Mexican or Spicey Oriental sides.

OMMAG's Summer Ceviche ... Manitoba style

For a few tasty Friday barbs try Bob Parks ... Black and Right

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Election Year .....

So far this year I have recieved a property tax rebate of over $700 .... a government auto insurance(MPI) rebate of over $700 and now ..... Lower Insurance RATES?

Don't get me wrong .... I do like getting my own money back. But, let's face it people ... the reason this is all happening in 2011 is because the NDP have been in power for three consecutive terms ... 12 years... and without the "charismatic" Garry Doer to lead the political charge they have no hope in hell of hanging on to the public purse strings again.
So ... as per usual the commie dumasses resort to their usual bag of tricks which includes of course using the public's own money to bribe us and that other old chestnut ... conservatives are scary ... and Garry Filmon ... who has not been premier or even involved in the Manitoba PC party for 12 years.... cut the health care budget. Never mind the fact that   no one can point to one single positive result of  governance under NDP management.     Unless of course you are employed in the tax spending social services business.  After all there are union jobs to be protected in our happy socialist paradise.

So for all those suckers out there in the unions who helped contribute to this  election year largess through your contribitions to the commie gevernment ... thanks.
Gord Steves  ..... my city councilor ..... has thrown his hat into the Provincial election ring as the Manitoba PC candidate for for Seine River!

Although this somewhat surprises me ... since I fully expected Gord to  move on  to federal politics ... I am pleased to see at least ONE new candidate with  demonstrated capabilities and experience in our future government.


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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

As Do OUR Own in Canada

Telegraph Online discovers what has been blatantly obvious for the last 10 years .... The police cover up incidents involving immigrant communities.

Whoever the pet demographic of the progressive governing types be .... their sins are not to be made  an example of.

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Just like ALL the rest.............

Sun Media News ....
Chooses to characterize the CPC convention as .. Love In ....


 Based on what...................??

Frakin Idiots