Monday, October 31, 2011

Uranus Explosion

Aside from the comic potential ......
Something on Uranus has erupted and now scientists are  keening about what this  might be.

I like scientists that are keeners ... as opposed to rent seeking conivers ....nevertheless ... I say it will take about two days for an MSM dork to try to link this with global warming nonsense.

Cheers to USS Neverdock




Sunday, October 30, 2011

You Will Never See These Videos on CTV/CBC etc.........



Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Plan ...


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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Yesterday's Man ....

Yesterday ..... Barack Obama ... made a speech in San Fransisco where he stated that Americans had lost their Ambition and that they had lost their Imagination !

Well ... indeed THIS from the guy who is hell bent on punishing everyone who actually has any ambition and drive? The same guy who cancelled the NASA space program and turned the agency into a propaganda enterprise?

The empty suit .... the affirmative action social parasite ..... the self promoting third rater who has been in turn promoted by America's liberal left and socialists ... this clown who speaks from his ass has the gall to talk down America and Americans?

Seems to me that Barack Obama is just an asshole.


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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lefty Logic ....

Today the Government of Canada introduced a bill to scrap the long gun registry. A waste of resources and an unwarranted intrusion into the privacy of law abiding citizens.

But those who work with homicide victims disagree.

"Snowmobiles have to be registered. Our cars have to be registered. I don't see anything wrong with the gun registry at all," said Holly Kolevris from the Manitoba Organization for Victim Assistance.

If a registered gun was stolen from a home, information from the registry could help in the investigation, said Kolevris. 

Ahh ... so now it is The Caring Class who must be appeased! Because ... those who "work with victims" have a superior grasp of right and wrong?


Yes ... we register our vehicles .... but the laws that mandate the registration of vehicles ... Do Not ... empower law enforcement to invade people's homes or confiscate private property.

Neither do the laws which mandate the registration of vehicles allow for arbitrary criminalization of vehicle owners through bureaucratic fiats which allow faceless and unaccountable "public servants" to determine that one sort of vehicle is suddenly illegal and ownership of it banned.

In  the same veign the registration of a vehicle does not entail the gathering of intrusive personal information or depend on arbitrary back ground investigations by ... again ... unaccountable bureaucrats. Nor do the registrations become subject to the whims of potentially hostile people ... who for no other reason than their own whims may make unfounded accusations about what a that vehcile owner owns ... that may result in aformentioned intrusions by law enforcement and arbitrary confiscation of said privat property. 

Not to mention the resulting criminal charges that would be ... in many cases have been ... the result of such laws.

I wonder if the caring Holly would like to go through the same sort of process that gun owners go through ... when she renews her dirvers licence? Or would care to experience a random inspection and search of her private home based on a law that  mandates such excesses for vehicle ownership. 

Or maybe ... we can include other mundane things? Perhaps appliances... power tools... lawn mowers.

I wonder if  Holly and her friends are parents? Perhaps having one's children removed from her home under laws that allow this on the basis of the sort of laws she seems to like would be OK with her too?

As with seemingly all such "progressives" .... the things they like are ok ....

Well ...   CTV seems to think Holly has a point...


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Sunday, October 23, 2011

As The Long Gun Registry Nears It's Long Overdue Demise....

We are hearing some disturbing news in regard to just what exactly the Conservative government is really planning to do.

We ... unfortunately ... have a government that is far from conservative in thought and deed.
Rather ... the Harper coalition of old school PCs ... politically opportunistic Liberals masquerading as Red Tories  and  Quebec first weasels, has precious few (if any) champions of individual rights who have any sense of respect for the principles of private property, self determination and personal responsibility.

And so ... with the long gun registry coming to an end, we have the prospect of the  Federal Government kowtowing to all of the same ilk that were promoting the egregious over reaching and unwarranted legislation in the first place.

So called "Public Safety Groups" are spouting off and getting usual public platform from the compliant and unquestioning mainstream media. Although the MSM ... as always fails to define just what these groups actually are and who they consist of.  Be assured that feminist hysterics and their fellow travellers in the world of the self righteous and meddlesome finger waging nurse nannyists are lobbying hard to have restrictions increased on the lawful ownership and use of firearms.

Add to that  the same bunch from the National Organisation of Police Chiefs ... who have been at the forefront of demanding greater curbs and more power to intrude on pretty much anything that ordinary citizens do.

And of course the RCMP brass who seem to think it is their right to determine what Canadians may and may not do with their own property.

These groups are using the same false assertions ... the same fear mongering tactics and the same bullying that they used in defending the former Liberals in implementing an unnecessary and fundamentally unjust system of regulation on Canadians. The fact that the implementation was and continues to be a prima facie example of  all the things that are wrong with government regulation that is created to mollify ideological sub groups of our society. The fact that as a whole Canadians never wanted or felt any need for such an institution as the registry and certainly no justification for the associated cost of maintaining the bureaucracy that goes along with it, the fact that there never was a sound justification nor in reality an basis in fact for the claims of long gun registry proponents has not and still doe not keep them from spewing their nonsense.

So what exactly is the government planning to do?

The fact that the Long Gun Registry is being scrapped primarily because of the unjustifiable cost does not mean that our morally meek CINOs will actually scrap the whole thing.

They can get away with pandering to the alarmist anti-gun hysterics in keeping a significant section of the legislation in force along with a trimmed down bureaucracy that taxpayers will still be funding and that will still exist for no reason other than the appeasment of people who care nothing for your rights or freedoms.

Other troubling possibilities are that under pressure from the anti-gun activist lobby ... the government may reclassify many weapons into the restricted or prohibitted categories.

As it stands .... we have the strong possibility that the so called scrapping of the long gun registry is just going to be a re-packaging and that we will be no better off than before in the matter of private property rights and the right to NOT have unwarranted bureaucratic and law enforcement intrusions in our lives and our homes.

Try reading this .... (MSM lefty spin warning in advance)   Public Safety Groups Want ....


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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pretty Cool

An Italian stalion for sure .... based on American classic style ..................

Custom Guzzu T5 by : Frankino Torredimare 

A sort of cross DNA between a board track racer and salt flats bomber with an engine that never saw any of that action. A nice change from American V twin lumps with all the other classic styling cues. This would be a blast to run to the beach on or cruise the strip in your local town.

Although ...with the hard tail and open intake stacks .... you would want to make sure the roads were smooth and clean.


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Thursday, October 20, 2011

AP Has Blowjobs for Obama

By Associated Press, Updated: Thursday, October 20,

WASHINGTON — The death of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi expands the growing string of security victories on President Barack Obama’s watch and reinforces his own style of dealing with enemies without immersing the United States in war. Even skeptics offered congratulations.

For Obama, the outcome allowed him to stand victorious in the Rose Garden on Thursday, taking note also of the death this year of prominent al-Qaida leaders at the hands of the United States.

What a frakin CLOWN!

When something takes decades too long to happen because nobody really gives a shit to actually do something .... and especially when goobs like Carter and Obama were actively cheerleading for the other side prior to the arrival of the big "OWE" ... even the people who actually did do the job have damned little to be commended for.

Some of us actually remember  Obama, Carter and most of the Washington Liberal cadre loudly denouncing and  actively working against former  Bushes and Reagans in their efforts to take the scumbag Lybian off the face of this world. In the end ... it was nothing but a mob that accomplished the long overdue bit of justice.

But of course this will not stop the accolytes and catamites to heap undeserved praise and attribute undue credit on their annointed stooge ... nor will it stop  the  Great Appeaser from taking credit for something he did not do.


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So the Multi-Millionaire Basketball Players are ....... ?

Bryant Gumbel ? ... thinks that the Head Honcho of the NBA is a "Plantation Boss !" ....

I always thought that Gumbel was a fool .....but I guess that was being overly generous.

Thanks to Bob Parks (Black & Right)


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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Anothe Quebec First Politician in Canada's Government

PM Stephen Harper needs to learn the lesson that the rest of Canada already knows .... Quebec Politicians always put their frenchness and Quebecois clan ahead of all other allegiances

The Conservative veterans affairs minister says he would have preferred that the French had won on the Plains of Abraham.

On Tuesday this loser from Quebec spoke at an event that was supposed to be honouring those who fought and died in Canada's name. Yet ... Blaney decided it was a good idea to tell a group of school children he was "a little bit" on the side of French General the Marquis Louis-Joseph de Montcalm.

"I was not there, yet," Blaney told the kids with a chuckle, "but I was a little bit leaning for the French, at that time. And still, today."

In broken English reminiscient of Stephane Dion .... another jerk politician from Quebec has his "Bang! .... the dog" moment.

I'm thinking he too would like a do-over ... eh?

Mr Harper .... Canada does not need more clowns from Quebec in our Government.


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Monday, October 17, 2011

The People's Truth ............


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Relax and Read

Sundays can be good for indulging in a little light reading and I like to look through the motorcycle blogs and online magazines. I especially enjoy finding articles on custom builds by enthusiasts ... these are the kind of thing you can do on your own with some time a tools at hand.

Here are a couple of minimalist conversions of some Japanese bikes ... one a 70s era Honda twin ... the other an 90s era Suzuki single cylinder cruiser bike.

Mauromot1 Brat Custom (See E-bay)
For Sale

Ryca Cafe

A sunny fall day and a ride in the country would be just right ................


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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Heads Up on the next Media Meme....

Courtesy of the Democrat senator Chuck Schumer ... the plan is .....

“....  labeling tea party economics. Tea party double-dip recession. Tea party gridlock. We think that’s going to have a real effect. So in a sense, it’s a sword and a shield. The sword is our effort to do something on jobs. The shield is pointing out what’s keeping us from moving forward.”....

Schumer also seems to believe that the party he belongs to is not in control of two branches of the US government.... and calls a reporter  a liar ... when asked about the fact.

I think the senator is actually correct in his assesment .... you see his party is not the Democratic party of the USA .... Schumer's party is the Big Government  Big Fraud Big Time Commie cabal that has taken over the Democrat party.

His problem is that ... outside of the Whitehouse .... there are still some Dems who have the sense to oppose the the efforts of these cretins to rob America of its heritage.

Hat Tip to .... Bob Parks


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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fire Up the Way-Back Machine ......

Ok ... maybe not Wayyyy...... back ... but a least 3 years ago.... eh Sherman?

See .... I predicted .... ....

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Sunday, October 09, 2011


Def. : The stuff that makes anything more desireable. Is always too expensive. Is always too rare.

from Ashphalt and Rubber Online Magazine

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Friday, October 07, 2011

No More Hank Jr. on ESPN?

For my money I'd say it was long past the time for ESPN to get a new theme for Monday Night Football.... that being said ... the use of a controversy over his opinions expressed on FOX & Friends as an excuse by the people at ESPN is pure BS.

I heard today a comparison made (On FOX Radio) that placed the Infamous Dixi Chix commentary on the same level as Hank's pointed opinion about a political stunt cooked up by a bunch of turds in Washington.    You see ... Hank was ASKED for His Opinion on the matter and has every right to say what he thinks. In the case of the Dixi Chix ... NOBODY .... asked for their opinion about GW Bush.

From Junior's web site............

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Monday, October 03, 2011

Our Happy Socialist Paradise

Is going to have an election.....
Just had an election .... and the results are .... that the happy socialists will remain....................

If only .....  now four more years of the same..............

Our fearless leaders are well onto the task of defending the socialist traditions that have kept the lowest common denominator of society elevated to the status of most common and the ultimate of quo.

We are in no danger of finding our weakest left behind by the stronger and more competent.

Favorite causes of the most caring will have to goon with funding ... the most caring are sure to be provided with sufficient funds to not have to  suddenly care enough to fund their own favorite causes.

Bars of achievement not be raised ... no forcing the weak to try harder and the lazy to do anything
Most of all ... the undeserving and incompetent have four more years to play with the public purse.



Sunday, October 02, 2011

By The Numbers

A selection of quotes juxtaposed with the facts on these matters ... from the mouth of the Worst President Ever.
Worse in every way....



Saturday, October 01, 2011

Ford in Front ..... of US Congressional Oversight Committee

Previously   .... We talked about the strangely premature disappearance of some ads by Ford.

NOW we learn that ...

The US House Committee on government  oversight  has Ford execs in Washington to explain why they pulled their TV  ads bragging about not taking Obama bailout money.

Ford later reinstated the ads on the web only... after widespread questioning and criticism in the public arena.

Now ... Ford execs say the ads went away just because thats how they run ad campaigns. As if any successful ad was ever pulled just because they don't like to wear it out?

Oh yeah ... and Ford execs say the are in favour of the bailout .... because the auto manufacturing business is just one big happy family that needs to get along to get ahead!

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