Saturday, February 04, 2012

Communist Party of the USA ...

Did you know that they coordinated the intrusion of churches by leftists with the intent of expanding socialist influence?

Well they did ... and presumably still do. Although it is one of those things that smacks of hairbrained conspiracy theorist in tinfoil shrouded head gear. As with many of the things proposed or attempted by commie groups ... no matter how far fetched ... it seems they are always willing to try.

Why? You might ask .... why ... but the answer is simply ...because they can. But why would they want to? Because communism/socialism/ or whatever you chose to label the movement is all about the destruction of our society.

This BTW is exactly WHY it is important to understand that this is part of Barack and Michelle Obama and twenty years in the pews of one America's most virulent Communist Preachers.

Just as Scott Douglas is a tool for the commies to use in support of unrestricted immigration ( a disrupting influence in society ) ... so is the message that has been hammered home by ... Jeremiah Wright   and others like him... for decades.

You think that the Obamas are OK?

Think again........... these people live for sole purpose of fucking up the world so they can get away with imposing their own will. They will do anything to achieve that goal and they will never stop trying.


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