Thursday, May 16, 2013


See the quote I put on the blog masthead?

I put that there in the first few months of the Obama "reign" because I had an idea that these words by that fat headed little twerp would come to be prophetic. Of course, the pronouncement was intended to describe the implementation of wide ranging plans by the neophyte executive in chief. However, I had no illusions about the abilities or motivations of petty martinet Obama.

His words made it plain to see that he and his cohort had every intention of  imposing their own agenda regardless of any opposition. It was only a matter of "timing" and tactics to them from the start. Arrogance in full form.

It was never any surprise to me that events would culminate in calamity. From the construction of the presidential appointments throughout all areas of government ... recall the "Czars" ... to the policy dictats from the White House instructing even private enterprise and private citizens how to conduct their own business.

A brief  list of those actions:
  • The co-opting of federal agencies through presidential fiat.
  • The assignment and encouragement of rabid ideologues to positions of power.
  • The perversion of purpose in agencies responsible for the service and protection of American citizens.
  • The abuse of federal office to bail out corrupt and failed enterprises such as General Motors and Wall St. financiers.
  • The enabling of left wing social action groups that exist for the perpetuation of  class and racial grievances.
Drunk with  power and the sense of their own importance Obama and the Democrats proceeded to build their house of cards. So much for "planning" .... the rush to impose their agenda on the American people took precedence over any thoughts of caution. Of course there never was any consideration for the legal and fundamental rights of Americans. Laws such as the constitution were treated (and continue to be) as mere impediments to their desires. Along the way there have been many casualties and many insults to the America people.

It was never a matter of whether or not "they would all crash" but only a matter of when.


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