Thursday, June 05, 2014

Crazy People - Guns and Dead Police

In the news today .. all day and incessantly ignoring every other Canadian news item:

Moncton Shooter Kills Three RCMP .....

Of course the headlines invariably blare about GUNS and Cammo clothing and FaceBook sites critical of police and government. After nearly nonstop coverage from Wednesday till now all the supposed NEWS has done is blather on with conjecture, non sequitur garbage and ignorant opinion.

Although the reporting has "evolved" into headlines about "Priorty" the fact is that the media remain profoundly clueless about any pertinent facts and the RCMP are looking like a bunch of damned fools as they lock down a metropolitan area of about 70,000 people. As I read these reports it seems as if the police (RCMP) are geared up to start barging through doors of every home and building in the area. No doubt this will be followed up by the arbitrary confiscation (theft) of legally owned property (fire arms).  That is if recent history has taught us anything about the mindset of the militarized domestic police.

Which brings us to the question of just why someone would grow and nurture such a hatred of the police and the government?

Seems to me that there is a self perpetuating cycle of belligerence going on and while one might feel pity for a mentally disturbed kid who takes it to heart, there is no excuse for the forces who are supposed to serve the public to be harboring the unrelenting animus they display.

Meanwhile the venal and biased media will be ramping up an all out effort to generate more anti-gun hysteria. Just stay tuned and watch it all play out as the "experts" are trotted out to spout such nonsense without regard to facts or public interest.

Fuck the Media.



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