Thursday, November 17, 2005

Can We Have an Election Without BS?

One thing that always amazes me is the absolute gall that politicians have when it comes to taking credit for things they have Absolutely No Right to claim credit for!

Paul Martin gets the OMMAG prize for the first Giant Load of Crap flung in our direction in the process of getting an election done in our country.
"Our" direction meaning the voting public! And I'm going to call the prize the "GLC".

The "Giant Load of Crap " in question is the assertion that the Canadian Economy is doing well.
And ...Oh Yes! "It is supposedly because of the wonderfull ability of the Liberals to Manage the Economy."
Yeah Right!! Every last program these clowns have been running is rife with mismanagement and scandal!
Did you forget about the Auditor General's Report already Paul?

The reality is that Canada is having some success in sustaining a certain level of economic success.....
Not Because of..... But InSpite of! Liberal Economic policy.

So if Paul Martin had any integrity he would be Taking the BLAME for our relative lack of Economic Prosperity instead of trying to claim that he or his government policy is the source of prosperity. Only hard working Canadians and their efforts can be credited with accomplishment.

Now we may be doing "OK" but we are certainly not doing "Well" or nearly as well as we could be.

The one thing that is supporting Canadian economic performance is Oil and Energy Exports. Neither of these are being helped in any way by Federal Policy. And ..Oh Yes by the way PM and his buddies are working on plans to put the damper on this through new taxes!

Further, it is only in resource rich areas that the economy is growing. Every other area of the Canadian economy is being propped up by low interest rates and nothing else.

So can the Liberals take credit for the economies performance?
Well the answer is No.

They cannot take credit for economic prosperity because the only economic policy they have is taxation and interest rates.
Taxation in Canada is holding our economy back, jeopardizing the economic future of all Canadians. Any attempt to contradict this fact is either outright ignorance or a bald faced lie.
Interest rate policy is not a positive contributor to the overall economy either. In fact Canadian interest rate policy is designed to follow US interest rate policy. Primarily as a control on inflation and secondarily as means of regulating trade volumes with the US. You notice how our dollar has been creeping up? Thats the reason.

So who is making money in Canada?
1- Banks and financial services companies, institutions that are vital to our way of life but do not contribute directly to productivity or GDP.
2 - Resource developers, processors, distributors and exporters, going strong because of global demand.
3 - The Federal government, taking unprecedented amounts of money out of the economy through regressive taxation policy and propping up unsustainable activity through narrow interest rate policy.

So do the Liberals have anything to boast about when it comes to our Canadian Economy?
No .

Come back for more GLC reports on OMMAG


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