Friday, July 18, 2014

New Instrument

Thanks to my friends in Milton for catching that one for me.


Friday, July 11, 2014

Break Time

What is summer for if not to relax and do things that make you feel good?

After about 6 weeks of more or less constant work around the house I am heading out on a getaway.
Hometown visit with family and friends and pick up a special little item that I own but have yet to see.

Back in a while!!!!


Tuesday, July 08, 2014

The Inevitable

Hamas rockets and Israeli Power

In the face of the imminent (and long over due) Israeli military response to the incessant attacks by the Arab terrorists, Hamas ramped up their local rocket attacks overnight. In the usual ham fisted attempt to prove how brave and strong they are, the Death to Jews gang repeats the same old pattern of  futile and murderous antagonism against Israel.

Personally, I hope that the Israeli IDF flatten the Gaza strip.



Saturday, July 05, 2014

You Voted For Them!

Time after time the sanctimonious icons of  Liberalism have lectured the rest of us about being more tolerant and progressive. Always brushing aside or simply ignoring the obvious questions and warnings about consequences they spend there every effort bashing conservative governments and policies while completely ignoring the hypocrisy and bald faced dishonesty of their pet LIBERAL politicians.

Well today is a day of Consequence for one such progressive scold as the chickens come home to roost in her own precious little patch of heaven.

 Margaret Atwood: “This is a life-wrecking event”

Like so many classic Canadian farming communities, my village of Midhurst, Ontario is surrounded by forest, fresh country air and beautiful landscapes. My husband, two boys and I routinely take hikes and have picnics in the fields and forests across from our house. 
But now, our idyllic village has become ground zero in the fight to preserve Canada's fast-disappearing farmland and natural areas from sprawling mega-developments -- all because the Ontario Government made a special loophole in the 'Ontario Places to Grow Act' allowing a private developer to turn Midhurst from a village of 3,500 into a city of 30,000. 
Margaret Atwood Midhurst Video Appeal
You may not have heard of Midhurst, but what the Ontario Government decides to do here should matter to all who believe that farmland and nature are more than places waiting to be paved, and that local communities should have a say in how they grow and change.  
The special loophole, designed just for Midhurst, is the opposite of everything the Ontario Places to Grow Act was designed to do -- protect farmland and stop unsustainable, sprawling mega-developments. Our story is a warning that the unsustainable sprawl that has devoured nearly half of our farmland in Ontario, and has irreparably damaged precious natural areas, will continue along this destructive path unless we speak out. 
During the Ontario Provincial Election, Premier Wynne met with a few members of our community. She appeared concerned and promised that if elected she would review the development plan. We now plan to hold Premier Wynne to her promise, and with the support of tens of thousands of people we hope she will be convinced to close the loophole. 
As a mother, I knew that I had to try to preserve the future of our community, our farms and our natural areas.  I got involved because there has to be a better alternative than to sacrifice so much to the benefit of just a few people who, as Margaret Atwood put it, stand to make a lot of money. Please join our community, Margaret Atwood, and over 5000 people, and sign our petition calling on the Ontario Government to stop the mega-development and save Midhurst. 
Thank you,
Margaret Prophet, 
Midhurst, Ontario


Friday, July 04, 2014

I Did Tell You So

Well .... In 2008 I saw this coming ....

Obama ... President of The USA.

  • Massive disgust among everyone with more than 1/2 a brain.
  • Very short lived elation among White LIberal's who will not be able to sustain the belief that they have absolved or more than temporarily relieved themselves of White LIberal Guilt.
  • Extreme buyer's remorse among educated Black voters who fell for the Identity Politics as panacea for their own version of White LIberal Guilt.
  • Exactly ZERO threats by conservative Americans to "Move To Canada" in protest.
  • US dollar falls on international markets
  • Islamic terrorists first dance in the streets then begin delivering ultimatums and threats to US and Allies.
  • Vlad the Putin-ator has a good laugh and good sized shot of vodka as he toasts the imminent reassertion of Russian dominion over former East Block territories.
  • France will go from complaining about American arrogance to complaining about American lack of sophistication.
  • Hugo Chavez will invite Barry the POTUS to share his views on democracy and economics.
I did leave out the desperation among liberal media hacks to bury their involvement in getting this clown elected (Twice Even) ...

As for those Islamic Terrorists ..... they have accomplished more than I had guessed. But who would have bet that Obama could manage Global F@ck Ups on such a massive scale?

And who would have predicted that old Hugo would kick the bucket?


Saturday, June 28, 2014

Farfisa Beat

California Sun



Thursday, June 26, 2014

Different Times?

Whenever someone makes the argument for some sort of social "change" being mandated or enforced through the edicts of government I am inclined to ask "To What End?".

Exactly when did this issue or that concern or some grievance of the mind become so important that all of society must pay attention NOW and take steps to amend our ways? How and when did we become so evil and uncaring?

The answers to these questions are irrelevant.

Why are they irrelevant?

Because the underlying premises that give rise to such questions are not based on any reality of our world but rather on the ideas and world views of venal grievance mongers whose methods are to pander to and inflame the the weak minded, self flagellating and perpetual misfits and malcontents of society.

Underlying each and every one of these calls for change is a failure that is not a failing of our society but failed ideas and individuals who cling to those ideas in desperation. Their desperate need is to seek accommodation from all of society rather than to deal with their own failings. To be sure, many of these sort view themselves as rebels or revolutionaries fighting for some ephemeral concept of justice. There is however nothing new or revolutionary about any of their thinking or actions.

For those of us who question the dogma of the malcontents or the motivation of panderers we are often told either that it is our views that are lacking depth and integrity or that we are simply living in "Different Times". Different times require different ways of doing things and different attitudes. Don't you know? It only follows then that we should adopt the views of those who reject the successful foundational ideas that actually allowed our society to grow and prosper! RIGHT?


The only thing different about these times we live in and any other time is that the voices of the malcontents and the rabble that they influence have been on the ascending path. They shout louder and complain more bitterly while otherwise good and reasonable people cringe and look the other way. Those of us (with few exceptions) who should be strong enough to say "ENOUGH" are distracted and unwilling to engage the lunatic ranters. Those who should be supporting honesty strength and character are trying to keep out of the way.

None of that is fundamentally different from any other time in our modern Western Culture.
It is just the same old shit being shoveled from the Aegean stables. The job is never done and it never changes. There is no Herculean solution. There is only the work of keeping the streets clean and the foundations of the world free from the undermining vermin.

The foundational priorities of our society were never wrong. They are the basis for success and prosperity for all. The only people who dispute this are perpetual misfits who never will be satisfied.

Times change they say! And the more they change the more they remain the same.


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