Monday, April 29, 2013

Coffin Nail

New York Times ... is a joke...

Former BBC exec  Mark Thompson has toasted the NYT.  Killed revenues and shows no sign of understanding the problem.
Of course ... the Times was on a downward slide before taking on the London socialist elite as management. Just consider it  a coffin nail............

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Crazy Bastard

... James Hanson the self promoting climate fraudster went on CBC and called our government "neanderthals" .....

We all know how credible Hanson is .... and we should also know that the CBC will take anyone willing to bash our non-liberal government.
But this is a two-fer ... for the morons at the taxpayer funded CBC ... climate bullshit and anti-conservative ranting from a lunatic socialist climate activist.

CBC .... all LIberal ... all the time. And frequently playing soap box and megaphone to freaks and frauds .... so long as they hate conservatives.


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Sunday, April 28, 2013


Spengler asks ....    Why does classical music make you smarter?

Does what you listen to affect your thought processes? Yes.
Is there any way that any particular classification of music makes you either smarter or not?

Absolutely not.

I will grant that it makes an interesting hypothesis for neuroscience geeks... but like anthropogenic global warming and the Piltdown man it is just so much self justifying hokum.

The capacity to appreciate any kind of music or art comes from the human ability to recognize patterns. Intelligence provides us with the tools to see patterns like those in music and in addition, to interpret and predict how those patterns will progress. In turn we experience changes in the perceived pattern of events in music with varying degrees of surprise which on turn may cause confusion or a sense of pleasure.

And so it is that depending on your mental flexibility you may be either pleased or disconcerted by different types of music.

One thing for sure is that the more intelligent you are, the more likely you are to truly appreciate music of any kind. Anyone can appreciate music but it takes more than just passive experience of the sound to really get it. The more you listen, the more you use your interpretive skills whether consciously or not. And so, listening to music, classical or any kind does exercise the mental tools you already have. It certainly does not make you smarter.

Smart people do get classical music. People pretending to be smart do not. At least not in the way they think or would like you to believe. Generally, these people can be recognized as musical snobs.

But, listening to jazz or classical or whatever is never going to make anyone smarter than they already are. By the same token, a lot of very smart people get a lot of pleasure from music that the snobs hold in disdain.

Which brings me to the idea of teaching music to children as a means of increasing their intelligence.

One of the most ass backwards ideas I ever heard of. Because, it is good to exercise young brains and young minds will respond to being exercised does not make it right to assume that this makes them smarter. Every child should be afforded the opportunity to learn music. Not every child will benefit in the same proportion from the experience.


Canada's Taxpayer Funded Propaganda Machine

No question about it ... the CBC is run by people whose sole purpose is to support the idea that in Canada, there is one and only one "Natural Governing Party".

The CBC will play the role of soapbox and megaphone for the other leftwing political entities from the Party Quebecois separatist traitors to the communist manifesto loving NDP to the freakshow Green party. But when it comes to the LPC there is a special love affair.

The news as presented by CBC is a continuous drip of fauning and supportive opinion in coverage of all things related to the liberals. The propagation of politically correct and "progressive" opinions is the standard for the CBC. Never mind that this is all based on falsehood and distorted world views.

To the CBC this is bread and butter.

Small Dead Animals observes:

2009: CBC Refuses to run CPC anti-Ignatieff attack ads. "We'll only accept political advertising like that when there is an election campaign on," he told Canwest. "We have generally pretty strict guidelines."
2013: Justin Trudeau's "teacher" ad aired on CBC's Hockey Night in Canada during the Ottawa/Philadelphia broadcast tonight, at least once. I must have missed Stephen Harper's visit to Rideau Hall earlier today.
You can pester the Ombudsman by email and Twitter.

Just as a reminder ... WE taxpayers contribute  $1.5 BILLION dollars every year to keep this fraud going. 
To reflect on what we do and do not need the CBC for:
  • We do not need the CBC to act as gatekeepers of political commentary (although the LPC, NDP, Green and Separatist parties clearly do).
  • We do not need the CBC to see our sports broadcasts (which the CBC does a damned poor job of as it is).
  • We do not need the CBC to  learrn about Canada (which the CBC wilfully misrepresents).
  • We do not need the CBC to to hear about opinions from Toronto's liberal elitists.
  • We do not need the CBC to be told what aspects of Canadian culture are important nor do we need the CBC to understand what Canadian culture is.
  •  We do not need the products that are generated by the pathetic efforts of the CBC to produce what they consider relevant Canadian content.
  • We do not need the CBC to rebroadcast and rerun foreign entertainment.
We do not need the CBC represent Canadian culture or opinion because the CBC does NOT represent Canadian culture and in fact represents only the outlook of  Trudeaupian liberalism as viewed from the Toronto to Ottawa to Montreal corridor. 
And most of all we DO NOT need to pay $1.5 billion a year to please the people who actually do need this.


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Friday, April 26, 2013


I had a chance to go flying in a light plane today.... Cessna 177 .... great day with warm still air (11 celcius at 2500 ft).

Up from St.Andrews airport to Gimli MB ... a high fly by and a low pass over the runway ... remarkable speed from an underpowered little plane when you power on a 1200 foot descent with full throttle!

We took our time wandering about the west shore line of Lake Winnipeg and testing the bank and turn capabilities of the 177.  Also, the lake seems to be still covered with ice from the Delta Marsh to as far as the eye can see north.

Forgot to take my camera though.....



Tuesday, April 23, 2013

First it was Defend their "Culture" And Preserve their "Traditions"

It seems that there is a lot of posturing among the liberal know-it-alls in the media these days (as always). What really stands out this week in the wake of the outrages in Boston is the determination to make it all "OUR FAULT".

The alleged involvement of two ethnic Chechen brothers in the deadly attack at the Boston Marathon last week should prompt Americans to reflect on whether we do an adequate job assimilating immigrants who arrive in the United States as children or teenagers.
New York Times
 Never mind that these cretins in the media and many so called "progressives" have been busy for decades decrying how our "Male dominated Euro-centric" society abuses immigrants by expecting... expecting that is .... not in any way shape or form demanding ... that people who join our nations make an effort to join our Society. Leftards and liberals have  for years, shrilly attended public protests in just about any venue you might care to think of ... in the supposed effort to defend minorities and their supposedly God given right to live apart from our society and indifferent to our traditions and ideals.

 Another fine example of how the liberals among us behave. They have no problem contradicting themselves and forgetting whatever they said or thought in the past. The past begins the instant they are done speaking their current "idea".
How do they do it? How can they be so facile?
Simple... they knew from the moment they said it that they were full of shit.
They know themselves that nothing they say or think matters and therefore have no problem twisting or reversing to accomodate their needs of the moment.
What we know is that this is Always the case and care not what they say or think other than the extent of  the insult of havig to listen to the incessant verbal excrement and be subjected to the consequences of this sort of crap.

Liberalism IS a mental disorder and is the outward expression of an inbred self loathing.


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Best President in the Last 24 years

Dubya IMO was not a great POTUS ....but he was a heck of a lot more than the current POS.

Monday, April 22, 2013

A Little Take Away From another Blog...

Monster Hunter Nation .....

Because you apathetic little parasites would just gobble up the 1 percent’s stuff with your free houses, and your free education, and your free internet access, and your free health care, and your free bullshit… Briefly, but then the money would be gone, and you’d still be an apathetic little parasite. But now since you’ve installed a government amoral and powerful enough to truly not give a shit, this time when you take to the streets they will just kill your ass.
You bitch about America at the protests, where our police handle you with kid gloves. You pose like little anarchist douchebags in your Guy Fawkes masks (my GOD! These people are ignorant of history!) throw bricks at the cops and destroy other people’s property, and then scream and cry about your civil rights being violated, all while demanding to be more like other countries that would just machinegun you in the streets and be done with it.
Cool name eh?

Hat tip to comments by northernont at Small Dead Animals.... SDA



Sunday, April 21, 2013

Canadian Media At It Again (still...)

Halls of Macadmia Blog

Has the stomach for watching CBC and reading the Globe&Mail (and all the rest)......

Hardly a surprise that the liberal twits are desperately working to legitimize their own prejudices by redefining the murdering terrorist punks of the Boston Bombing as victims.

Root causes? Bah! Pure revisionism, denying facts and hoping to redirect attention from the failings of their "profession" to competently report on the events that transpired.

Of course in liberal logic this makes themselves "better" than the rest. So deep, so moral, so caring. so wise. Well let me say this about that:

These liberal shit wits have no clue what they are talking about. And, any glimmering of facts that may emerge from their sanctimonious lecturing are purely for window dressing in the vain hope of legitimizing the media's amoral and venal efforts.  To be clear, the media are no body's moral or intellectual superiors, as much as they like to pretend. Murderers, terrorists, thugs and criminals are not deserving of understanding, caring or any sort of respect.

The only rightful and just response to the people who perpetrate crimes is contempt and outrage.
This applies to those who attempt to justify such acts and legitimize the perpetrators through efforts to manufacture sympathy for the undeserving.

The liberals only hope is that they will make themselves appear to hold some moral high ground. This will never be. There is no morality in defending the amoral and there is no truth in revisionism.

Not that we can ever expect the liberal to understand this. The liberal media are completely dependent on sustaining their delusions.

And for that the Media deserve the same contempt as the perpetrators.


Saturday, April 20, 2013

8 Years

... 2633 posts....

How things do add up!


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Media Fails to Report Saudis Under Investigation

OR the new twist ...

Now the MSM are claiming that the FBI gave them FALSE information....
Well, if so then it just makes another case that law enforcement has been lying and does not make the media either less culpable for spreading fake stories or any more credible. The MSM remains a bunch of clowns.

UPDATE... Now we can call it more than failure ... Because it is lies and more lies.

Now the MSM are trying to get ahead of it ... screwing it up with phony reports ... and lying. Also, the Federal government is trying to squash the background information pertaining to the history and identities of people they know to be involved.

In the past 48 hours the clowns in the mainstream media have made a series of bogus (see CNN) pronouncements with regard to investigations on the Boston bombing.

The MSM ... First there were arrests then there were none ... then they declared themselves to be "responsible" and thorough in getting all the facts. I suppose that if they think they can just make shit up and get away with it nobody will notice the two About Face versions of the situation OR the self justification in lieu of a sincere contrition. The MSM are lying.

The Government --- Meanwhile, those sources that provided information to  The Blaze ... which ended up at fox news and other locations have claimed that the Federal Authorities and Justice dept. have declared the papers and reports on the suspects (likely the Guilty Parties) are now classified as Secret.  Producers at The Blaze suspected this might happen and sent out the information they had to all of their mainstream news competitors. The Government is trying to cover up the fact that they already knew the people involved. This is a Criminal Conspiracy.

Previously ...

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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Hey You! You Want to learn a thing or two?

Then READ this ......James Delingpole ....  explains:

a) What metaphor means and how to use it.
b) What complete shitbags the Global Warming Activists are.
c) What incompetent tools the media are.
d) What the difference is between THEM and us.

Go ahead! You can do it........


with the Hat Tip to Small Dead Animals

Saturday, April 06, 2013

A Question of Morality

Moral Math Test

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Thursday, April 04, 2013

What Good is the American Constitution?

Well .... it helps protect the Nation from assholes like Barack Obama.....

Mark Levin has some words....


Wednesday, April 03, 2013

NDP to Remove "Socialism" from Party Guiding Statement

Perhaps to be replaced by .... Naked Slavering Statism .... Godless Communism .... ?

Or perhaps they believe it is time to try to push the LPC out of the supposed center.... after all it's gotten pretty crowded over in lefticle land.