Thursday, April 18, 2013

Media Fails to Report Saudis Under Investigation

OR the new twist ...

Now the MSM are claiming that the FBI gave them FALSE information....
Well, if so then it just makes another case that law enforcement has been lying and does not make the media either less culpable for spreading fake stories or any more credible. The MSM remains a bunch of clowns.

UPDATE... Now we can call it more than failure ... Because it is lies and more lies.

Now the MSM are trying to get ahead of it ... screwing it up with phony reports ... and lying. Also, the Federal government is trying to squash the background information pertaining to the history and identities of people they know to be involved.

In the past 48 hours the clowns in the mainstream media have made a series of bogus (see CNN) pronouncements with regard to investigations on the Boston bombing.

The MSM ... First there were arrests then there were none ... then they declared themselves to be "responsible" and thorough in getting all the facts. I suppose that if they think they can just make shit up and get away with it nobody will notice the two About Face versions of the situation OR the self justification in lieu of a sincere contrition. The MSM are lying.

The Government --- Meanwhile, those sources that provided information to  The Blaze ... which ended up at fox news and other locations have claimed that the Federal Authorities and Justice dept. have declared the papers and reports on the suspects (likely the Guilty Parties) are now classified as Secret.  Producers at The Blaze suspected this might happen and sent out the information they had to all of their mainstream news competitors. The Government is trying to cover up the fact that they already knew the people involved. This is a Criminal Conspiracy.

Previously ...

Witnesses and investigators have identified links to at least 3 Saudi nationals being involved in the Boston Bombing.

Overt terrorism and obvious connections to Al Qaida .... Not a peep from the mainstream jackasses.

Debka Files has resources

Do not the entire body of mainstream news media have any resources?

Or ... perhaps they fear pointing the finger at the obvious because it makes their POTUS and their Whitehouse look like jackasses.

Fearing the truth is the new way for these useless tools.



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