Saturday, September 25, 2010


Chinese Ban Mao=Obama gear .... just before his big visit....

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Smug and Self Righteous ... and played YOU for a sucker baby!!

Bono's much promoted .... charity .... lives up to it's name and donates exactly 1% of the take to charity.

Betcha all you suckers out there who jumped on that bandwagon feel a little USED right now.... !?


In other news :

Bono was playing Brussels last night with U2 as the world’s leaders – so many of whom he speaks to directly – were meeting at the UN assembly in New York to assess the progress, or lack of, in reaching the Millennium goals they set.

So if you're getting a slightly sick feeling .... JUST Wait till you get the story on Suzuki!

Like PT Barnum said .... there's ONE born every minute!

Look up schadenfreude .... it's what I get to enjoy often.


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Look to Yourself

I have no idea who George Jonas is .... but I tripped over this National Post Online header while booting up the home page news this morning:

"Armed Citizens should look to their own security"

Hardly a revelation of new thought but it appears that GJ is old enough to remember and understand the era of self reliance and self assurance.

The police carry guns for a reason: They’re great tools for law enforcement. Letting firearms become the monopoly of lawbreakers, far from enhancing public safety, is detrimental to it. Canada has gone out of its way to make criminals as invincible, and victims as vulnerable, as possible. This wasn’t the aim of gun control, of course, only the result.


The relationship between citizens and the law is magnificently simple. Citizens are the law. Not the bureaucracy, not the police, not the pundits: Citizens. It’s all right for people to take the law into their own hands because in a free society the law is, in fact, in their hands. It is the people who delegate the power of law enforcement to the police, not the other way around.

The police may think they license citizens to carry arms, but they don’t. It’s citizens who license the police. They license them to carry arms, to enforce the law, to investigate crime, to serve and protect. All power flows from the public to the authorities, not the other way around.

GJ goes on to explain how the consequences of the liberal moral inversion of depriving citizens of tools to defend themselves simply provides bureaucrats in law enforcement a self serving blanket of immunity from the citizens and the front line police the special status of being the only people in society allowed to protect themselves.

This raises the issue of liberalist social meddling to clearly illustrate the fundamental flaw of the so called progressive mindset that cries for the people to be controlled. Controlled and oppressed for the benefit of the weak livered, effeminate elitists through the destruction of true civil rights and personal freedom and the unrestrained empowerment of governments to enforce the coercion of law abiding citizens.

Never mind the concept of property rights that this perverse logic of the left abuses without regard.

The gun issue aside....We in Canada have already had our God given right to defend our persons and property trampled by legislation enacted by leftist statist elites (PETand Co.). Laws which were argued in favour of through the delusional dogma and false morality of popular childish political correctness. The PeeCee ethos being eagerly swallowed by the ignorant and gullible and immature and constantly reiterated and reinforced through the willing MSM filters.

Just try and defend yourself from a physical assault! If the perps are injured by you or even if they do not disappear before police arrive you are assured that it is YOU who will be arrested. Your fundamental right to protect your very person .... abrogated and denied by PeeCee law.

The same goes for protecting your family, your home and your neighbours.

Now take a look at what the anti gun legislation has done to your rights.

Without ever owning or using a gun any anonymous and unfounded accusation that you do or are can result in an armed police invasion of your home with arrest and and assault on your person. It's happened right here in Winnipeg to a guy who had a model gun (a toy) sitting in view of a telephone installer who was working there.

The gun registry itself besides being a waste of your tax dollars is just another layer of icing on the statist cake of legislation designed to limit the freedom of the population. It's existence stems only from the desire and intention of those on the political left to exert control and sustain influence over individuals. It's enactment sold to the public through the fear mongering propaganda of socialists.

This is not the mindset that enabled our nation to develop and grow. Neither is it in any way a progression to a more mature society. It is rather the impulse of the cowardly, maternalistic and elitist frame of mind of those that are too afraid of living in a truly free society . A moral inversion that needs to be seen for what it is and reject outright.

The step to a truly mature society is when the majority reasserts their right to individual liberty over group think paranoid reflex, when we reject once and for all the impulse to pander to the hysterical trembling and sheeplike bleeting of the weak and immature. When we decide to start acting and demand to be treated as adults rather than whiny and self indulgent children.

When we reassert the God Given Right to defend our own persons and property.

Look to yourself.


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Friday, September 24, 2010

Sukkot ... the Harvest Festival

Do you or I need to be Jewish to appreciate such a tradition?

Heck NO!!!

And remember .... it's just a warm up to .....



It's just sooooo special........


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Thursday, September 23, 2010

CSI .... Jumping the Shark !

After about 10 years of entertaining us with creatively scripted and very well produced stories the acclaimed TV series "CSI" looks ready to do itself in.

Much like the demise of the immensely popular comedy of the seventies "Happy Days"... the crime solving drama of the first decade 21st century has been suffering from ever declining standards of writing and production.

"CSI" has lost a few of the keystone characters in the last few years but that is far less of an issue than the lack of originality and innovation that has become ever more obvious since well before Bill Petersen planned his exit. Not that the show has any shortcomings in the talent of the current cast.
It's just that every aspect of the show is looking and feeling .... OLD.

Even Marge Helgenberger is looking rough and a little too faded.....

I suppose that might be one reason that could explain in some way the plan to write in a character for the latest teeny bopper hot shot .... manufactured kiddy celebrity Justin Bieber.

Perhaps the producers of the show are so desperate to make their product young and appealing and seem fresh again that they are willing to sell their (probably already thrice mortgaged) souls.
Or maybe the Bieber media/marketing machine is that good and that wealthy?

In any case... I have news for the folks at CSI .... the ONLY people looking forward to this travesty are the Bieber Inc. bunch and the hordes of celebrity obsessed children who will suck up anything connect to the kid. But those folks are not and never will be interested in the CSI show. Perhaps you advertising sponsors are delusional enough to buy into this....?

For the one shot ratings blip "CSI" is going to get from this the price I suspect is going to be oblivion in the very near future.

Write this down: Thursday September 23, 2010 .... the day "CSI - Crime Scene Investigation"
Jumped The Shark

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Blame the Boomers

As reports come along regularly documenting the decline of mass media consumption and especially mainstream news reporting, there are plenty of opinions about the why and how of these developments.

One popular meme is that alternative media are drawing away the audience. Maybe ... but not so many that it explains the staggering losses the dinosaur media are experiencing.

Many seem to hold the opinion that the ever declining quality of reporting is to blame.

Well .... sure it has something to do with the demise of the old media.

Many conservative bloggers and commenters have the POV that the mainstream media or MSM is willfully committing economic suicide because of a blind commitment to 'progressive' populism and a misguided sense of self importance.

The theory holds that large numbers of their audience are just plain sick and tired of the blatant pandering to the freakshow aspects of society and the evident contempt for anyone conservative enough to even question the dogma of the new age liberalistas.

Sure ... but still not enough numbers to account for the losses of the MSMers.

Some folks even hold forth that there is a conspiracy amongst the cabal of MSMers to cary on with a cultural assault on our traditional mainstream society.

Well ... things like the 'Journolist' sure do help to contribute to those ideas. BUT still not enough backlash to account for the crumbling of the media sand castles.

Also, some postulate that since the MSMers don't seem to see the train coming at them as they plow through the tunnel vision world which they inhabit .... it is possible that an endgame strategy has been put in play where some form of government sanctioning and entitlement program will be needed (and provided) to ensure their sinecure for all time.

I think there is some truth to this ....... as I have no doubt that there are media types who are angling for government bailout and hope for ongoing subsidy. In Canada there is already precedent for this under the Canadian Culture and Content laws but there is certainly more.

Another aspect of the great decline in news media consumption is the demographics of an aging boomer pop. This decline is also pushed by the nature of any younger consumers.

These under 50 types are the product of the 'progressive' educational system changes of the last 40 years and one consequence of that is a great decline in the areas of world knowledge, history and most importantly ......... critical thinking skills.

The media high foreheads have been cynically hoping and trying to take advantage of this by the dumbing down of their product. This is the target demographic of today's mass media and those producers have NO respect for their audience.

They long ago wrote off the over 50 crowd who maintain any sense of balance and tradition and that could very well be reflected in the ongoing and blatant contempt displayed. This could also well be a part of the effort to win the hearts and minds of the younger generations. Sort of ... like look at us ... we hate the old folks too.

But .... the joke's on the would be arbiters of opinion ... because the people they are trying to create a bond with don't give a crap. The Under 50s are already preprogrammed to reject any attempts to preach or manipulate and the MSMers don't really know how to do anything BUT preach and manipulate in the most blatant manner.

The only folks they are still holding onto are the most hopelessly uncritical and uninformed and those too thick to figure out they are being gamed. Gradually even those will fade off........

Machiavellian plotters?

More Clouseauian demagogues!

So while the boomers have largely tuned out and those who would remain in the thrall of the MSM are fading away... the echo and bust bunch are not and never were going to be filling that gap.

But you can't blame them. After all the under 50s are just a product of the boomer indifference, self centered world view and general lack of moral foundation.

Either way the institutions that chose to stake their existence and future on the sands of boomer whims and self interest are well and truly screwed.

For this ... I feel a fair amount of schadenfreude.


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Press "2" for Conservative

Just got a call from "Unknown Number" ... my guard down while distracted by composing a blog comment ... I took the bait.

Just about hung up then decided well .... so?

"If a federal election were held today... who would I vote for?"

First choice .... Dippers. HAHAHAHAHA .... nice try.


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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Headline: New York Times Accident causes White House Turmoil

The Politico notes that NYT aka the 'slimes' has altered the online leads for the story. AFTER a rather abrupt and overstated response from the White House.....

I suspect this is as close as the turd polishers at the slimes have come to actual reporting with accurate analysis as they ever have or will.

The response from the Obama white house ..... essentially a "No we're not! Quit telling lies." sort of reaction that coniving children come up with when caught red handed in some scheming.

Liberals ..... your moral and intellectual superiors .... just ask them.


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Monday, September 20, 2010

Multi-Purpose Tool

Thanks to the LumberJack


The Spineless will Fall

In a recent unexpected turn of events one of our sidebar link friends got the shaft from his hosting service. Let it be known that this may pass for now but will not be forgotten.

From the Marginalized Action Dinosaur....

My hero is covering the destruction of my lame blog Marginalized Action Dinosaur.

Mark Steyn...

Meanwhile, in smaller ways, Islamic intimidation continues. One reason why I am skeptical that the Internet will prove the great beacon of liberty on our darkening planet is because most of the anonymous entities that make it happen are run by people marinated in jelly-spined political correctness. In Canada, an ISP called Bluehost knocked Marginalized Action Dinosaur off the air in response to a complaint by Asad Raza, a laughably litigious doctor in Brampton, Ontario. Had his name been Gordy McHoser, I doubt even the nancy boys at Bluehost would have given him the time of day.

I endorse M.A.D. and Mark Steyn


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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Yellowstone Park

September 10th, 2010..... Pretty Heh?

That's about 6000' elevation ...

They shut down the East Gate to the park in the morning because of 2" or less of snow on the high passes.

I was in a lineup of cars from Utah.. Colorado...Wyoming... Alberta...Minnisota... BC and Quebec.... places where we get snow and ice driving 6 months a year!

On the other hand there were folks from Florida and Georgia and Louisiana....

Consensus in the line was .... let the Canadians go and the Americans would be happy to follow.

Mrs. OMMAG was reluctant to have me demonstrate donuts in the pull off areas where the plows had pushed the slush.....



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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dumber than Dirt....

You can't make stuff like this up ... and you don't have to...

Once again the incredible blinking hag from California demonstrates exactly what passes for intelligence among liberals....

The Obama Tax Cuts.... ...........................Har ....

“Without getting into procedure and timing and process, what we’re going to do is to say: At the end of the day the extension of the Obama middle-income tax cuts will take place,” Pelosi said. [emph. added]

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Friday, September 17, 2010


September 5th, 2010 the Wall Motel ....
Is that blood?

So a guy take a little vacaton and the whole world goes into a kaniption ....Some guy named Asad Raza Hates being quoted in public!! ... hates it so much he is threatening web hosts and having people shut down!!


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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Back From The Road .....

Awesome .... 3500 miles over 9 days with plenty of sights taken in by Mrs. OMMAG and me.

I'll get some more photos and stuff put up shortly.



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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

More Days On The Road..............

Sunday ........


Tuesday ....

Wednesday ....

CYA Later..........


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Monday, September 06, 2010

The Road to Rapid City

Day two of the OMMAG's road trip........... the Saturday Drive West.

Out of Fargo in the morning after a good night's sleep we head west on I94 for a while till we get to the Valley City exit... There we pick up the Cheyene River national scenic byway running south.
It's a rolling winding drive showing nice countryside that takes you to the Fort Ransom state park and historical area. We take off to the west at #46 before we get to the park to connect with hwy.281 that runs past the wind farms near Edgley ND and on into SD toward I90.
We take off west on #14 headed to the Misouri river crossing at Pierre SD then on towards Buffalo Gap ... there was a "fresh oil" warning on at Midland so we beetled off to the south on #63 through some beautiful rolling prairie until we hit I90.

It's interstate driving heading west into Rapid city and past the badland spires to the south and the interminable billboards advertizing the world's lamest tourist trap at Wall ... that being Wall Drugs.

So .... we get into RC about 5pm... and discover a town that is in some kind of traffic management crisis. Also .... we find out that there are a couple of big events going on and NOT ONE room to found on the Labor Day weekend!

After some phone calls with the help of the front desk clerk Rachel at the Quality Inn we get a lead on some possible openings back at Wall or Phillip .... an hour later ...after booking a room for the next few days at the Q Inn we find ourselves back at Wall. We find a room at a local motel in town. A quick check for bugs gives us a passible roof over our heads for the night and a few stories to relate later.

And so ends the saturday adventure....
Stay tuned.


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Saturday, September 04, 2010

An OMMAG Vacation

Day one of our trip:

Mrs. OMMAG and I take our time getting ready on friday morning, running some last minute errands and checking in at Tim's for a last extra large for the road.

If ommens are to be read into small events .... our visit to the drive through on St.Mary's south was not good. The lineup was especially slow and one jerk (it's a two lane line up that has a merging area) thought he was going to cut in in fornt of the OMMAG ... Ford F150 wins battle for space occupation over chevy sedan. But the OMMAG is not happy and Mrs. is already complaining about my attitude. Hey! It's my vacation too .....

Anyway ... we get to order station and the kid starts telling me I cant have the breakfast sandwich!!! WTF!! says I to the twerp ... I've been waiting in this line since well before end of breakfast time and you are telling me it's too late? I hate settling ... but what can you do in this situation?

So..... off we go with our coffee and bagles instead of the correct road food we desired.... down to the border crossing ... past the construction areas where the road is down to one lane each way.

At the border crossing .... they're spending a lot of time with each vehicle .... asking ALL the questions and repeating them ... as if somehow hoping to trip up people as an excuse to snd them home for the long weekend. Sheesh! I respect the whole border security thing ... but ... for chrisakes use you freekin head.... we've got aur PASSPORTS with us!

Half tons pulling campers and cars packed with kids and suitcases all stuffed with whitebread Canadians from Winnipeg are NOT your freeekin security problem!

AH well.... on to Grand Forks enjoyiing the 75mph speed limit ...... and a short stopover for refreshment. We spotted the new Canad Inns at the Alerus center from the highway and beetled over Demers ave. to check it out. The local brand seems to travel well into the US side and the Tavern United had a ... surprise! ... better selection of beer in Grand Forks North Dakota than in Winnipeg. (Memo to self .... send an email to the folks running out local to get on the ball with the beer thing) AND BTW ... Sam Adams Oktoberfest is a a really good beer... lots of flavour... banana and citrus scented and nutty flavour with a good clean finish. First Rate beer!

Back on the road to Fargo ..... a few miles of similar highway construction coming into Fargo ... why? is it that here in the US a construction zone speed is 65mph? when in Manitoba it's 80kph and 60 any where near a bunch of "workers"???? Past a couple of troopers south grand forks out to slow down the Labour Day weekend crowds... although I don't know how fast the guys who got pulled over were going ... the traffic on Friday afternoon was well spaced and cruising along anywhere from 75 to 85 or so .. no problems and little need for radar and speed traps as far as I can see.

Into Fargo and find the Holiday Inn .... the place is really in nice shape... we get a room and relax for a while then ghead out to find a place (a chinese restaurant we used to like called the Mandarin) ... but it's gone and we find instead a Japanese place called Kobe. In spite of the very full parking lot and the less than imaginative marketing (Kobe? come on....) we try it out.

Surprisingly .... service is first rate .... a small crowd and reception gets handled efficiently by the hostess who looks after us in no time at all .... takes us to the bar for a pre dinner cocktail where we meet a small group who end up at the teriaki grill station with us for supper. Nice people.... a local girl with a friend named Dante from Northern Italy and a quite young woman from Brazil along with another local couple.

The setting is classic Japanese grill with a 'U' set up around the entertainment. The cooks are noisy and willing to push the limits of personal space for fun and entertainment. Lots of clatter and yelling punctuated with huge fireballs of sake fumes over the food on the grill.....

We tried some spider rolls and some shrimp with avocado .... just to get going... then followed up with chicken and shrimp (mrs. OMMAG) and steak and scallops for me. Now remember this is in Fargo ND!! The food was excellent!! Oysters were perfect shrimp were perfect steak was perfect chicken was perfect.

If you are ever in Fargo .... I highly recommend the Kobe.

Today ... it's off to Rapid City SD....



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