Saturday, September 25, 2010

Look to Yourself

I have no idea who George Jonas is .... but I tripped over this National Post Online header while booting up the home page news this morning:

"Armed Citizens should look to their own security"

Hardly a revelation of new thought but it appears that GJ is old enough to remember and understand the era of self reliance and self assurance.

The police carry guns for a reason: They’re great tools for law enforcement. Letting firearms become the monopoly of lawbreakers, far from enhancing public safety, is detrimental to it. Canada has gone out of its way to make criminals as invincible, and victims as vulnerable, as possible. This wasn’t the aim of gun control, of course, only the result.


The relationship between citizens and the law is magnificently simple. Citizens are the law. Not the bureaucracy, not the police, not the pundits: Citizens. It’s all right for people to take the law into their own hands because in a free society the law is, in fact, in their hands. It is the people who delegate the power of law enforcement to the police, not the other way around.

The police may think they license citizens to carry arms, but they don’t. It’s citizens who license the police. They license them to carry arms, to enforce the law, to investigate crime, to serve and protect. All power flows from the public to the authorities, not the other way around.

GJ goes on to explain how the consequences of the liberal moral inversion of depriving citizens of tools to defend themselves simply provides bureaucrats in law enforcement a self serving blanket of immunity from the citizens and the front line police the special status of being the only people in society allowed to protect themselves.

This raises the issue of liberalist social meddling to clearly illustrate the fundamental flaw of the so called progressive mindset that cries for the people to be controlled. Controlled and oppressed for the benefit of the weak livered, effeminate elitists through the destruction of true civil rights and personal freedom and the unrestrained empowerment of governments to enforce the coercion of law abiding citizens.

Never mind the concept of property rights that this perverse logic of the left abuses without regard.

The gun issue aside....We in Canada have already had our God given right to defend our persons and property trampled by legislation enacted by leftist statist elites (PETand Co.). Laws which were argued in favour of through the delusional dogma and false morality of popular childish political correctness. The PeeCee ethos being eagerly swallowed by the ignorant and gullible and immature and constantly reiterated and reinforced through the willing MSM filters.

Just try and defend yourself from a physical assault! If the perps are injured by you or even if they do not disappear before police arrive you are assured that it is YOU who will be arrested. Your fundamental right to protect your very person .... abrogated and denied by PeeCee law.

The same goes for protecting your family, your home and your neighbours.

Now take a look at what the anti gun legislation has done to your rights.

Without ever owning or using a gun any anonymous and unfounded accusation that you do or are can result in an armed police invasion of your home with arrest and and assault on your person. It's happened right here in Winnipeg to a guy who had a model gun (a toy) sitting in view of a telephone installer who was working there.

The gun registry itself besides being a waste of your tax dollars is just another layer of icing on the statist cake of legislation designed to limit the freedom of the population. It's existence stems only from the desire and intention of those on the political left to exert control and sustain influence over individuals. It's enactment sold to the public through the fear mongering propaganda of socialists.

This is not the mindset that enabled our nation to develop and grow. Neither is it in any way a progression to a more mature society. It is rather the impulse of the cowardly, maternalistic and elitist frame of mind of those that are too afraid of living in a truly free society . A moral inversion that needs to be seen for what it is and reject outright.

The step to a truly mature society is when the majority reasserts their right to individual liberty over group think paranoid reflex, when we reject once and for all the impulse to pander to the hysterical trembling and sheeplike bleeting of the weak and immature. When we decide to start acting and demand to be treated as adults rather than whiny and self indulgent children.

When we reassert the God Given Right to defend our own persons and property.

Look to yourself.


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Blogger WomanHonorThyself said...

the consequences of the liberal moral inversion of depriving citizens of tools to defend themselves simply provides bureaucrats in law enforcement a self serving blanket of immunity from the citizens..true true ! Hope your'e havin a great weekend Ommag!

9/25/2010 7:22 p.m.  
Anonymous beachnut said...

Gun control is...a steady hand.

9/26/2010 4:11 p.m.  

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