Thursday, May 01, 2014

Our Happy Socialist Paradise

In our happy socialist paradise it is the day of singing and dancing ....

The apparatchiks and the non-working workers are well satisfied that the state is empty of capital and the kulaks are driven from the land.


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Tuesday, September 03, 2013

The Death of Summer Cont.

What school board publishes Iranian propaganda on its website?

Why ... the Toronto District School Board (for one). Taking the material from the anti-western communist web site run by the female "mate" of the NDPs Liby Davis, the Iranian run propaganda site PRESS lifted the lies of the Canadian commies and the useful tools at the TDSB "Student School" reprinted the entire screed.

Ontario tax payers are funding this!


Hat Tips to SDA  and Eye on a Crazy Planet

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Monday, June 24, 2013

If The People are Stupid Enough ...

... to leave the rebuilding up to you and your pals ... then Yeah it might!

Flood recovery to take ten years ... Redford.

Meanwhile .... Guess Who buried the ongoing flood analysis report for 5 years!

Redford was a cabinet minister (justice) for the incompetent nincompoop Ed Stelmach and part of the government that buried the flood study that went back to 2002. No particular reason besides the improbability of that bunch of clowns doing ANYTHING useful ... ever.

Objectively .... Redford and the fake Conservative government should be getting their asses kicked.

Nobody with an ounce of sense or ability is going to wait for the Alberta Government to do anything.

One thing you can bet on is that Alie the Goon will find this "crisis" an excellent excuse to push new taxes on Abertans.


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Friday, May 31, 2013

Media and Message

Today ... while watching some news on TV ... I was informed that the media circus in Toronto City Hall is all Mayor Rob Ford's fault.

In other words ... "We came here because that fat guy made us. We are forced to act like assholes and we're not leaving because he won't give us what we want."

Is it any wonder that I have ZERO respect for reporters and their masters?

If I was a reporter .... I'd be going after the clowns at the TorStar for the story of exactly how they came to see what no one else seems to be able to see.

In other news ...   Venezuela ...  the perfect socialist state, where confiscated oil wells cannot support enough of an economy to keep things like toilet paper on the shelves of stores.

Apparently, some enterprising individuals managed to gather a pile of  2,450 cases in a garage. State police got a tip about this and raided the site.

No word is given on what they did with the TP stash. Although it is not illegal to purchase or own TP in Venezuela ... the current value of the commodity probably makes it more likely that the police will manage to keep it (it will disappear) for themselves. Asswipe deprived Venzuelans will not see the precious stuff on their local store shelves.


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Monday, March 11, 2013

You Know What This Means?

This .... is the fact that the little lunatic state of Nork gave official notice today that they are withdrawing from the armistice of 1953. 

This means that the freakshow military dictatorship is on its own and officially at war with:
South Korea, USA, Canada, Turkey, Australia, Ethiopia, Philippines, New Zealand, Thailand, Greece, France, Colombia, Belgium, South Africa, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Italy, India, Luxembourg.

In addition, the rest of the NATO members, the Commonwealth nations and by extension every nation that has agreed to subsequent military agreements with any of these member states are affected.

The original signatories  to the armistice included; the Norks, actually the Nork Army and on behalf of  the Chinese Peoples Army. The USA signed on behalf of the United Nations Command.
The treaty, in effect created the republic of South Korea and of course this is the primary beneficiary of the armistice agreement.

Still waiting to hear any official response to this situation from any one other than the UN who believe that the Armistice is still in force regardless of what the Norks say.  A sort of "Move along ... nothing to see here." approach to the situation. Never mind the facts to the contrary.
That and some vague threat to establish an "Official Commission" of human rights to investigate the Norks. Whatever that has to do with a defacto declaration of war.

I imagine that South Korea probably has something to say about that.


Thanks to: Chicago Boyz for reminding us!


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Thursday, March 07, 2013

Librano Pocket Lining

Well .... it's not really a surprise that yet another left wing politician is found lining his pockets with taxpayer money.
Also no surprise that the first step is to set up a round of shrill Canada bashing and blaming those of us who actually give a shit about our nation for the problems they have in fact manufactured. Of course they also will pretend to be the "Saviours" and the only true defenders of "Canadian" values.

Turns out today that Bob The Boob Rae .... the guy who tanked the Ontario Economy as an NDP first minister back in the 90s.... has been talking up a storm as an advocate for first nations complaints.

Not that being an advocate for first nations complaints is necessarily anything more than a job or an avocation. The problem my friends is that Bob Rae is currently a sitting federal MP. He sits in the LIbrano benches and was appointed the interim LIberal leader in the wake of Count Ignatief's disapppearing ass.

So now we have a sitting MP who is the titular leader of a political party setting up an advocacy on behalf of people who are not his constituents. In addition he has involved himself with the most pathetic of the band of parasites seeking to perpetuate their own access to the public trough.
Hoping to take on an air of legitimacy through auspices of the greatest fraud in our time ... that being the UN and its agencies. Notice lately how the various minions of the UN have been very busy bashing just about everything Canadian?
Bob Rae + Uncle Mo Strong + UN + Grievance mongering parasites = you are getting screwed + It's about to get worse.

Unless of course there is an adult in the house with the sense to cut them off from the feedbag.

Birds of a feather ....... working against the interests of Canadians who actually contribute to our society. They care nothing for what are true Canadian Values in spite of all the pretense. They simply are the opportunistic raiders of our gardens and any offal they can glean from the waste pile of our fortunes that are stolen by governments.

Watch them screech and posture in the knowledge that they have been observed positioning themselves for a feast at the manger of our tax dollars.


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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Trudeau's Friend ....

They say Uncle Fidel is still alive somehow .... so I'm sure that ...

This ...   Comes as a bit of  a let down for both the wanna be leader of the LPC and somehow future Prime Minister and his favorite "Uncle"....

Meanwhile .... the Commie LOvers at the Toronto Star think he's the greatest guy ever ...
"He loved to play the fool.That way, his adversaries would more readily underestimate him — and, time and again, they did just that.... "

Apparently a slobbering love affair with a low life thug produces sweet memories for some......


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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cats Out of Bags

The Socialist Takeover of First Nations

They are quick to silence their critics. Opposition to the ideology is NOT going to be tolerated.
And ANY upstart indian that has the nerve to say any different will be  put in their place.
Thanks to this intelligent  Facebook Post by Full Cree Anthony Sowan  ....
the mask is off the indian movement. Idle No More ... and the rest of the action groups are nothing but freedom hating opportunistic socialist mooches. Their leaders ... exactly like the Bolsheviks ... thugs and criminals.

One response....from the internet...

Idle No More is about forming a socialist government, in equal partnership with Indigenous people and settlers, where building community, culture, and sharing is the common goal, not a capitalist selfishness, that borrows off the less fortunate. It's a reverse way of thinking, contribute to my community FIRST, ask for what I need last. Not everyone gets it yet!

Not exactly right .... the part about contributing ... is pure bullshit because no of these cretins is going to anything but TAKE.... so long as they are getting YOUR contribution it's all ok!

Except for the never ending CREEP of entitlement demands from the culture of parasites!



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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Weekend at Hugo's

Apparently .... Hugo Chavez can remain el Presidente elect matter what!


Good Times.......


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Monday, August 27, 2012

The Strategy of Mass Starvation

It's something you can bet on EVERY TIME!
When the liberal left and the rest of that spectrum get on any bandwagon ... especially if that bandwagon makes it all the way to the circus and the clowns get their party... as with the so called fashionable "Arab Spring" that all the cool people were yaking about and cheerleading for.

Just another case of something that the liberal left wound up being completely wrong about.

What was it WE predicted? Broken treaties ... overt threats to anyone and everyone... and making sure the rabble will starve if they are not on board? Because when you do not have the moral and political will to follow through when everything goes to hell .....

Norks on the Nile!

Spengler Says:   The New York Times is shocked–shocked–to discover that Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood president wants to bring Iran into a quartet of Muslim countries to manage the Syria crisis. In fact, Asia Times’ M.K. Bhadrakumar, a former senior Indian diplomat, reported this story more than a week ago. There is a bigger, and more frightening picture, including Egypt’s deployment of tanks into the Sinai in violation of its 1979 peace treaty with Israel, and the collapse of Egypt’s economy. “Worse is better,” the Bolsheviks said in 1917: the more hunger and the more chaos, the better the chances for a Bolshevik coup. The Muslim Brotherhood’s intention, it appears, is to turn Egypt into North Korea on the Nile: a starvation in state in which one’s chances of eating depend on loyalty to the ruling party.

Read more »

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

That Whole "You Didn't Build That" Thing.....

It was bothering me at the time because I knew that I had heard the same riff somewhere before. It turned out that was the fraudulant poser Democrat Elizibeth Warren aka Fauxcahontas ... offering up .....  Crib notes from the radical left .... Funny how it turns out though that Warren actually could articulate the thought behind the socialist POV. Probably because she has actually read a thing or two about her philosophy. Not so much with Obama ... who plainly has not .... can not .... and will not put any effort into learning or understanding anything. With the Annointed One .... it's all just about the riff.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Didn't Build That !

Recent bumbling by the Medocrity in Chief of the USA include his efforts to paraphrase another Democrat fraud Elizabeth Warren aka Princess Fauxcahontas.

It took me a while to place where I'd heard this leftarded BS before but a little bit of looking around turned up This CFP article .... where it is observed: Once again Barack Obama has demonstrated that he doesn’t have a clue about how America works. This time he borrowed a line from Elizabeth Warren, the Massachusetts Democrat who is challenging incumbent Republican Senator Scott Brown in an effort to reclaim Teddy Kennedy’s seat. Obama claims that anyone in the US who runs a successful business has not achieved that success on his or her own volition, but instead has to thank the government for making that success possible. 

Something to take note of is the FACT that in the US ... as in Canada ... about 80% of businesses are considerd "Small Business". And, anyone who has succeeded in business knows very well that they survive In Spite Of the government NOT because of the government.

This is the fact of the matter. Businesses are created by the effort of people who create them. Businesses grow through the effort of the people who run them. Businesses EARN the support of their backers and their customers. Businesses do not owe their existence or success to meddling governments.

Obama however, does owe his entire existence to the efforts of others and believes it is his RIGHT to tell the rest of us how to live.


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Thursday, July 05, 2012

It's no Lack of Funding

It's the regulations that kill......

In the energy business as in many others one sure way to create failures (and waste vast amounts of Money) is to provide government funding to businesses that need to prove that they are viable BEFORE they are given money.

Now it may be that a geothermal power plant could be economically sustainable in Nevada.

But, if it was MY money on the line .... I'd want to see the artificial impediments to success removed FIRST!

That's never going to happen when you have the SAME people who are regulating enterprise of all sorts into failure ... handing out taxpayer money to businesses that cannot survive under the regulatory stranglehold of  same governments. This is the fundamental problem with granting the power to tax and regulate to people who have NEVER managed anything successfully.

Do you think that any LIBERAL will ever figure this out?

Not freekin likely.


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Friday, May 18, 2012


Comparing Canada to Nigeria ... NDP lead clown continued to dig in the heels of his oversized clown shoes this week.

In so far as Canada has some people ignorant or stupid enough to vote for clowns like HIM ... I can see the comparison.

Just an example of what he is all about in the same exercise in bloviating in our House of Commons he put forward Norway as an example of what Canadians should strive to be.

In other words we should have a nationalized oil and resource industry... an economy in the final stages of stasis brought about by regulation ... a society in collapse thanks to entitlement programs and policies founded in the swamp fever of Eurozone socialists and political correctness...pretty much Mulcair`s wet dream of what he would like to accomplish for us.


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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Happy May Day ...

All worshippers of the cult of Marx and celebrators of the nanny state...... rejoice .... because today is the day to commemorate the hundreds of millions slaughtered by your heros and fellow travellers.


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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Proud Day for Canada and PM Stephen Harper

Any time your enemies expose themselves and their true nature is a good day. It gives you the upper hand on them and encourages resolution to keep them in under a watchful eye.

Today we learned that the zombie commie of Cuba has been calling Canada and our PM names and dispensing his scorn over our economic prosperity, resource development and in general our success in undoing some of the damage perpetrated on our nation by his old pal PET (may he rot in hell).

The only good commie is a dead commie and Fidel the zombie commie is an affront to  all that is right and natural in this world.

I take the dislike of the Castros of this world as abadge of honor ... because .... you know for sure you are doing something right if they don't like what you are doing.

Sorry for linking to SUN TV News ....

Thanks Fidel now you too can FOAD.

Today is a good day to be Canadian!




Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Our Happy Socialist Paradise

$1 billion deficit .... on the way to $2 billion ...... thanks parasites!


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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sun News Discovers Manitoba .... Clown Show

Today it seems that Sun News has discovered Manitoba Legend (in his own mind) former Big Chief  and now just desperate fool Terry Nelson....

We know all about Terry ... Metis Online .. aka Savage Reason ... covered this little sippet of non-news a month ago.

BTW ... this is the same Terry Nelson who was booted out of office for his clown show... has a number of outstanding legal actions and investigations pending against him ... and actually praised the native gangs and thugs in Manitoba ... even inviting them to come live on HIS reserve. An anti-semite and admirer of Hugo Chavez ... basically a fellow happy to jump on any bandwagon that will get him some attention and satisfy his warped and self serving outlook.

VIDEO ....

Cool eh?

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Right Wavelength.........

The Macho Response  has something to say ... and it seems exactly like what I have had to say... about leftards and fascists and the terminal stupidity of the new age urban hipster.

Bred in the shallow end of the gene pool the "free university" groupthink claptrap of creating your own reality .... today's lefticles are just like yesterdays douchebag hippie shitwits.

TMR quotes on other essays .... in a similar veign ....

"....Well, on that note, we'd like to point you to a post we did - about Geoff Gilpin (above) author of the book The Maharishi Effect - which we called "Good Intentions Can't Help The Occultists". Don't forget - according to Glenn Reynolds' own friends, Goldberg and Whittle - the NewAgers are Nazis and, according to Reynolds, "when you meet them, show them no respect. They’re evil, stupid, and dishonest".  ...."

While I would put it this way:  They deserve NO RESPECT because they are shallow ... stupid and fundamentally self servingly ...evil.

I do believe that TMR is   On The Right Track ............

And while we are at it ... let's not forget the commonality of  mindset that these sort share with feminists... environmentalists ... animal "rights' activists ... anti-globalization knobs ... .... ah go ahead and fill in the list for yourself.

One other salient point made by TMR or aka TCE ..... the role the "Boomer" generations have played in all this .... a fact that I am painfully aware of ....

Hat tips to iNoPasaran!........... For the link....


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Monday, January 30, 2012

Greece ... Just Another Poster Babe for the Success of Socialism

Much ado in the media about the financial fiasco of the EU ... those of the same ilk that brought socialism to Europe in the past century ... those moral and intellectual superiors who schemed  and  enveigled their way into yet another great plan to impose a bureaucratic regime to govern the peasants of Europe.
And of course the inevitable result ... failure and discontent. Because ... all of Europe ... all of it...  is about failure ... failure is the zeitgeist that drives the European soul. Fear, loathing and avarice and the inescapable fact that Europe is failing. Europe has been failing since the 19th century ... the 20th century was all about the failure of Europe and the 21st is now about the final spasms of cultural death.
The inevitable result for a society that has abandoned the concept of responsibility for the security blanket of cradle to grave state management.

Which brings us to the topic of Greece. Without having embraced the totalitarian sort of state that those great 20th century successes were able to accomplish in hundreds of millions of dead peasants... the next-gen socialists of Europe Greece ... have chosen the slow strangulation that comes from government dependence and reliance upon the meddling government .

Greece ... being a democratic nation ... has freely and willingly placed its life and lives of its children at the mercy of black hearted, self important and self serving bureaucrats within the borders of the nation and ultimately with the even more black hearted commissars of Brussels.

I'd say Greece has become another poster babe to highlight the success of socialism. And it looks good on them. But they have not learned anything from the experience so far.

Greeks do not actually care that they are broke. What they care about is continuing the free ride on the gravy train. And as much as they love to bitch about the demands of the EU and especially the evil Germans ... they have no desire to take responsibility for their own future.

The Germans are NO better. What they and the rest of EU care about is the faint hope of recovering something from the billions of E$ they have pissed down the sewer. Same goes for the pending Spanish and Italian debt defaults.

We should hope and pray that our own government can keep the hell out of this mess.


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