Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Didn't Build That !

Recent bumbling by the Medocrity in Chief of the USA include his efforts to paraphrase another Democrat fraud Elizabeth Warren aka Princess Fauxcahontas.

It took me a while to place where I'd heard this leftarded BS before but a little bit of looking around turned up This CFP article .... where it is observed: Once again Barack Obama has demonstrated that he doesn’t have a clue about how America works. This time he borrowed a line from Elizabeth Warren, the Massachusetts Democrat who is challenging incumbent Republican Senator Scott Brown in an effort to reclaim Teddy Kennedy’s seat. Obama claims that anyone in the US who runs a successful business has not achieved that success on his or her own volition, but instead has to thank the government for making that success possible. 

Something to take note of is the FACT that in the US ... as in Canada ... about 80% of businesses are considerd "Small Business". And, anyone who has succeeded in business knows very well that they survive In Spite Of the government NOT because of the government.

This is the fact of the matter. Businesses are created by the effort of people who create them. Businesses grow through the effort of the people who run them. Businesses EARN the support of their backers and their customers. Businesses do not owe their existence or success to meddling governments.

Obama however, does owe his entire existence to the efforts of others and believes it is his RIGHT to tell the rest of us how to live.


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