Monday, March 11, 2013

You Know What This Means?

This .... is the fact that the little lunatic state of Nork gave official notice today that they are withdrawing from the armistice of 1953. 

This means that the freakshow military dictatorship is on its own and officially at war with:
South Korea, USA, Canada, Turkey, Australia, Ethiopia, Philippines, New Zealand, Thailand, Greece, France, Colombia, Belgium, South Africa, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Italy, India, Luxembourg.

In addition, the rest of the NATO members, the Commonwealth nations and by extension every nation that has agreed to subsequent military agreements with any of these member states are affected.

The original signatories  to the armistice included; the Norks, actually the Nork Army and on behalf of  the Chinese Peoples Army. The USA signed on behalf of the United Nations Command.
The treaty, in effect created the republic of South Korea and of course this is the primary beneficiary of the armistice agreement.

Still waiting to hear any official response to this situation from any one other than the UN who believe that the Armistice is still in force regardless of what the Norks say.  A sort of "Move along ... nothing to see here." approach to the situation. Never mind the facts to the contrary.
That and some vague threat to establish an "Official Commission" of human rights to investigate the Norks. Whatever that has to do with a defacto declaration of war.

I imagine that South Korea probably has something to say about that.


Thanks to: Chicago Boyz for reminding us!


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