Monday, January 30, 2012

Greece ... Just Another Poster Babe for the Success of Socialism

Much ado in the media about the financial fiasco of the EU ... those of the same ilk that brought socialism to Europe in the past century ... those moral and intellectual superiors who schemed  and  enveigled their way into yet another great plan to impose a bureaucratic regime to govern the peasants of Europe.
And of course the inevitable result ... failure and discontent. Because ... all of Europe ... all of it...  is about failure ... failure is the zeitgeist that drives the European soul. Fear, loathing and avarice and the inescapable fact that Europe is failing. Europe has been failing since the 19th century ... the 20th century was all about the failure of Europe and the 21st is now about the final spasms of cultural death.
The inevitable result for a society that has abandoned the concept of responsibility for the security blanket of cradle to grave state management.

Which brings us to the topic of Greece. Without having embraced the totalitarian sort of state that those great 20th century successes were able to accomplish in hundreds of millions of dead peasants... the next-gen socialists of Europe Greece ... have chosen the slow strangulation that comes from government dependence and reliance upon the meddling government .

Greece ... being a democratic nation ... has freely and willingly placed its life and lives of its children at the mercy of black hearted, self important and self serving bureaucrats within the borders of the nation and ultimately with the even more black hearted commissars of Brussels.

I'd say Greece has become another poster babe to highlight the success of socialism. And it looks good on them. But they have not learned anything from the experience so far.

Greeks do not actually care that they are broke. What they care about is continuing the free ride on the gravy train. And as much as they love to bitch about the demands of the EU and especially the evil Germans ... they have no desire to take responsibility for their own future.

The Germans are NO better. What they and the rest of EU care about is the faint hope of recovering something from the billions of E$ they have pissed down the sewer. Same goes for the pending Spanish and Italian debt defaults.

We should hope and pray that our own government can keep the hell out of this mess.


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