Monday, February 25, 2013

Canadian Politics

In a perfect example of the intellectual rot that infects the Liberal Party of Canada ....

Joyce Murray ... candidate for the "leadership" of the LPC .... leaves a lasting impression....

How can anyone this stupid exist?


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Friday, February 22, 2013

Not Just a Good Story ...

A Great Story in fact ....
The tale of Philip Halliday and his ordeal of being arrested for drug trafficking where he played the role of innocent dupe in a major drug bust.
Halliday was hired by the boat operators as a crew member and apparently had no clue about the hidden drugs.

But turned into a pathetic piece of amateurish hackery by the National Post and their contributing writers.

National Post contributor Joe O'Connor wrote about this in 2010...

From Dec 2010

And again in 2012 ...
Feb 2012

You may notice that the NP decided to go with the same layout and photos used 26 months ago ... for starters.

Then you may notice also the fragmented presentation of pertinent facts in both articles. Especially the complete lack of focus in the second, where more effort is spent attempting to build sympathetic response from readers than there is informing. Most notably, the burial of the fact that 14 others were convicted in the trial.... combined with ZERO information about the disposition of anyone beyond that bit of tossed off detail.

You may also notice that NO effort was made to link the current story back to the  original.
Zero .... nada .... zilch .... as if the story just began yesterday.

Lazy - Shallow - Maudlin - Confused - Lacking in Context - Lacking in Fact

What passes for writing and journalism these days!




Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Venal and Incestuous Liberal/Left

Sun News .... reporting stuff that the rest WILL NOT ....

OTTAWA - One of the NDP's strongest advocates for the CBC is being paid tens of thousands of dollars a year by the state broadcaster while voting on the CBC's funding and debating its future.
Liberal and Conservative MPs now say NDP MP Andrew Cash should resign his position on the House of Commons heritage committee for violating  conflict of interest rules.
But Cash says the ethics commissioner cleared the way for him to debate CBC funding even though he has earned nearly $40,000 a year for providing music to the popular CBC television program Dragon's Den.

I'm thinking the "Ethics Commissioner" is either retarded or the rules of House Ethics are a joke.

IN any case ....if this was a Conservative Politician .... the story would be very different.

Just one more reason to kill taxpayer funding to the CBC.



Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesday and No Worries

Well ... actually that's from Saturday .... but still about right..................................

Monday, February 18, 2013

What Manitobans Regard...

Well at least those Manitobans who get to decide things like .... what statuatory holidays (or at least officially sanctioned days of not work) we are to enjoy. And of course what these days will be named in honor/remembrance/regard of.

The desire for a statuatory "holiday" in Canda's winter months was  motivated by the long stretch between Christmas/New Years and the Easter Holidays which might run into April depending on the vagaries of the Papal calendar. Most people would agree that this is the ideal time to get a break from the sometimes oppressive Canadian winter and create an opportunity to hook up the statuatory day off with some vacation time when most needed. These motivations seem fair minded and sensible in my own point of view. Certainly, they are popular.

In the Western provinces Alberta first established an official "holiday" in February as "Family Day" in 1990, Saskatchewan in 2007, Ontario in 2008 and British Columbia in 2011.

Manitoba established the official day off as the third MOnday in February in 2008. After a year of handwringing over the choice of names. The NDP government had no problem getting on the bandwagon but was worried about the appearances of either choosing the same name established by four other provinces or appearing to be brave and original by choosing to honour "Louis Riel" in the naming. This choice or Riel was the default position of the governing party but for some reason the moral cowardice of these socialists required that an effort be made to "listen" to all Manitobans before adopting the official title.

Apparently, the choice of such naming is best left to school children who under the guidance of their teachers are now doubt the very best qualified to determine who and how we as a province should establish such honors. Considering the efforts of historical revisionists to promote the story of Luis Riel as that of a hero and even "a founding father of confederation, choice of Luis Riel comes as not too much of a surprise.

And so it is now established that Manitobans consider it worthy designation to name our own winter day off in honour of the hanged traitor Louis Riel.

Hanging Louis Riel in Regina Nov. 16, 1885

Friday, February 15, 2013

Revisiting that Long Hard 70s Hangover

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Ballantine's Day !

When I think of the effort and expense poured into any of the "Hallmark Card" days I think of "What would be a better use of this energy and cash?" ...

Lo!  and behold ............ take your pick .... two things more worthwhile than overpriced greeting cards, candies and flowers.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Gormogons: Is America Getting Dumber?

Another bit of fallout from yesterday's State of The Union speech...... (see post below this)......

The Gormogons: Is America Getting Dumber?

The upshot of this is that a standard measure of comprehensibility puts the shallow one's big speech at the lowest ranking of any presidential SoTU address .... ever.

Since I'm not inclined to confuse low cunning and guile with intelligence or deep thinking .... I'm going to stay of the opinion that the main thing getting dumber are the political knobs.

Sure they help to drag down the rest of society where it is most clearly seen in bureaucrats and public officials of all sorts, education administrators and teachers and so on. Of course there is a special kind of dumber for reporters and news editors and publishers... but that's a whole other story.

But this is the trickle down consequence of belief in socialism.

There is the clear result in the lowering of standards across all measures of what makes a society good or healthy or admirable.

Thank the socialists in your life for all of that.

Know your enemy.


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Televangelist Presidency

After the SoTU address .... I was never more convinced of the shallow one and his true nature.

The political version of a Swaggart or Baker would be...
  • Someone whose public personna is entirely manufactured and controlled
  • Someone who only made appearances before the selected audience of accolytes
  • Someone whose appearances were always staged and directed
  • Someone who would be completely ineffectual whithout a script
  • Someone who would never be able to function without the support of an inner circle to keep him from straying from the planned narrative
  • Someone who can speak only in terms of wishes and hopes and fails to grasp terms of factual reality
  • Someone who under scrutiny will demonstrate an inability to discern fact from perception
  • Someone who cannot withstand scrutiny or contradiction
  • Someone who will implore belief and at the same time invoke prejudices and guilt to achieve sympathy and support from the public
  • Someone who comes to believe that the entire public must be converted to belief or punished for failing to do so
  • Someone who cannot accept dissent or contradiction
  • Someone whose first response to being held to account is to lie and blame others
  • Someone who cannot accept responsibility for any personal failings and is quick to blame others when things go wrong
  • Someone who is a textbook case of narcisistic psychopathy
  • Some one who believes the lies they tell and tells them repeatedly
  • Someone who is vulnerable to manipulation by powerful accolytes and advisers
  • Someone who has no specific other accomplishment to recommend them
  • Someone without any actual diginity or virtue
As noted before ...


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Monday, February 11, 2013

A Study in Anti-Idiotarianism

Greenie Watch

Just go there and start reading .... stop when you run out of things to read.

One fine example:

Daily Bell: Explain your view on global warming and climate change. What's the difference and why?
Fred Singer: Climate change includes both global warming and global cooling, as well as regional changes. It is not known to what extent human activities are responsible for climate change or global warming.

Daily Bell: You were a leading figure in early space research and established the National Weather Bureau's Satellite Service Center. How did that come about?
Fred Singer: research grew out of my high-altitude research with rockets (1946-50). I developed the idea of satellites and was then able to put them into effect as director of the weather satellite program. As a result of my experience in satellites, satellite design, instrumentation and atmospheric physics I was asked to establish the National Weather Bureau's weather satellite service, and set that up in 1962-64. From there I went to the University of Miami to set up a new school: It included oceanography, climate science − and dealt with Earth sciences generally. 

 Daily Bell: How did you become such a global warming skeptic? Your critics say you are irresponsible for advocating your positions. Are you?
Fred Singer: My skepticism about global warming is purely based on the observed evidence − which shows no appreciable warming while there had been large increases in greenhouse gases. I feel that scientific criticism is the most responsible sort of thing − both from the point of view of science and from the point of view of national policy.

Daily Bell: In 2006 you were named by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation as one of a minority of scientists said to be creating a standoff on a consensus on climate change. Was this an unfair charge?

Fred Singer: The CBC forgot to mention that thousands of scientists hold the position that I hold and therefore not a "minority" of scientists, at least not a small minority.

Daily Bell: You argue there is no evidence that global warming is attributable to human-caused increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide, and that humanity would benefit if temperatures do rise. Why do you feel this is a responsible position to take?

Fred Singer: As far as we can tell, the increase of CO2 has not been producing corresponding warming. For example, there has been no warming in the 21st century − despite the large increase of greenhouse gases.

Daily Bell: You are an opponent of the Kyoto Protocol and have said of the climate models that scientists use to project future trends that "models are very nice, but they are not reality and they are not evidence." How is it possible that so many scientists can be so wrong while you are correct?

Fred Singer: I am one of many who oppose the Kyoto Protocol, both for scientific reasons and for economic reasons. It is basically a political document, a treaty based on climate models rather than observed evidence.


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Friday, February 08, 2013

Just Because It's Friday

Chambers Bros ...

The only song that ever had a cow bell done right ............ well one of the few........

Anyway .... Cheers! Because it's Friday ........

Thursday, February 07, 2013

160 Taxpayers

Showed up at  town council meeting in Oak Harbor WA just a couple of days ago....


Last month one of their council members tried to have a veteran expelled from the council meeting.
The underlying issue and the thing that prompted the council Person (a mr. Almberg)  to make such a public display of asshattery ... was a ban on firearms in selected areas of the municipality.

The entirely illegal ban was getting this Almberg guy a lot of contempt from the veteran and others in the public meeting.  Of course those typically thin skinned liberals who so enjoy lording over others from their self appointed pinacles of moral superiority... just hate to get the disrespect they so richly deserve.
Apparently ... last month's meeting ended with nothing being done about either the offending statute or the offensive behaviour of the sanctimonious Member.

So this month .... they came the meeting to show support for veteran Lucas Yonkman who Councilmember Almberg tried to have kicked out of City Hall last month, including Joe Hawkins who openly mocked him. "Mr. Almberg I just want you to know that I have a concealed ham sandwich right here I don't want you to get up and walk away," he chuckled. 

Most attended the meeting to oppose the city's ban on guns in parks and the marina. (The Second Amendment Foundation had threatened to sue if the ordinance wasn't overturned.) 

The city council eventually voted to overturn the ban, which the interim city attorney had told the members was unconstitutional. The council did not call for the resignation of fellow member Almberg, which a few people had called for.
After the meeting, he said he hopes the city can move past this and get onto more important business. 

Which would be exactly what the town council should have been doing in the first place!

The other interesing thing about this episode of public resistance to government over reaching and uncalled for meddling .... that was 160 "mostly armed" citizens lawfully putting those meddling politicians and bureaucrats in their proper place. Not ONE SHOT was fired or threatened.

From Mynorthwest dot com


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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

The Cumulative Effect ...

Of progressive propaganda and revisionism is just one of the reasons I despise the CBC.
A fine example of this effect is the Karen Davis wanting to return her Diamond Jubilee medal....

Because ....

Well ... if she is that stupid ... perhaps she should never have received that award in the first place.


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Who's yer Daddy Chris

Chris Rock shows exactly the sort of ignorant mindset that makes ...... liberals. Well ... that makes TWO people who think Obama is The Boss

I’m just here to support the president of the United States. The president of the United States is, you know, our boss. But he’s also, you know, the president and the first lady are kind of like the mom and the dad of the country. And when your dad says something, you listen. And when you don’t, it usually bites you in the ass later on. So, I’m here to support the president.

 Stupid loudmouthed ignoramus.... Chris Rock.

From Twitchy dot com


Sunday, February 03, 2013

If You Lie Down With Dogs

Somebody discovers that Lefty BS about Palestinians is NOT something they want to be associated with!

I am a Métis from Northern Alberta. My father, Mervin Bellerose, co-authored the Métis Settlements Act of 1989, which was passed by the Alberta legislature in 1990 and cemented our land rights. I founded Canadians For Accountability, a native rights advocacy group, and I am an organizer and participant in the Idle No More movement in Calgary. And I am a Zionist….
Many claim that we Natives have more in common with the Palestinians, that their struggle is our struggle.  Beyond superficial similarities, nothing could be farther from the truth.  Beyond the facile co-opting of our cause, the comparison with the Palestinians is absolutely untenable.  It trivializes our suffering.

Credit where credit is due. But it strikes me that the good Mr. Bellerose is hanging around with the wrong people if he wants to concern himself with things like historical fact.

Well then Mr. Bellerose .... why don't you distance yourself and your movement from Marxists and Socialists who continually make these comparisons?

Or is it just too convenient to have them show up at your demonstrations to bolster the numbers in support of the media optics?

Also ... as a Metis .... just what suffering have you endured?


Friday, February 01, 2013

Friday ...

Just because it was -32 this morning ....... with a face freezing north wind .....

What a great reason to stay inside and couch potato ........