Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Gormogons: Is America Getting Dumber?

Another bit of fallout from yesterday's State of The Union speech...... (see post below this)......

The Gormogons: Is America Getting Dumber?

The upshot of this is that a standard measure of comprehensibility puts the shallow one's big speech at the lowest ranking of any presidential SoTU address .... ever.

Since I'm not inclined to confuse low cunning and guile with intelligence or deep thinking .... I'm going to stay of the opinion that the main thing getting dumber are the political knobs.

Sure they help to drag down the rest of society where it is most clearly seen in bureaucrats and public officials of all sorts, education administrators and teachers and so on. Of course there is a special kind of dumber for reporters and news editors and publishers... but that's a whole other story.

But this is the trickle down consequence of belief in socialism.

There is the clear result in the lowering of standards across all measures of what makes a society good or healthy or admirable.

Thank the socialists in your life for all of that.

Know your enemy.


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