Wednesday, September 03, 2014

If You Think You Are Special

You should ask yourself, "who told you that?"

It is understandable when parents and family show support for their children, brothers and sisters  or friends by holding their hands and cheering them on through the trials of life. It is quite another thing when others assume the right or role of speaking or acting on behalf of individuals through the process of labeling, categorizing or relegating people to groups. It does not matter what the criteria are that busybodies and meddlers use to judge and 'pidgeon hole' people. The fact is that this is inherently an evil and soul killing act of contempt for the individuals they presume to take under their own wings. (more like tentacles).

Everything from the phenomenon of "Participation Awards" to pushing lower academic standards  to "Inclusiveness" events is part of this psychology of the self appointed meddlers. Effectively a relentless propaganda campaign by collectivists to rob people of their individuality and pride of accomplishment. Perhaps not intentional but certainly evil in destructiveness that is the result.

Captain Capitalism on the Efforts of Collectivists to Kill The Individual

And this gets to the truly disgusting, criminal, even outright evil aspect of these "appreciation months" - It destroys and murders the individual by replacing individual accomplishment and achievement with a trait you were born with.

It's important that all people of all groups understand this because there is a genuine evil out there that wishes to destroy the one thing you have in life - yourself.  And if you don't understand this and realize the threat this poses to your life, you will waste your one precious life on this planet.


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