Monday, January 31, 2011

They Have Their Own Suzuki ....

The BBC has .... Sir Paul Nurse, president of the Royal Society, is an expert in genetics, not climatology, writes Christopher Booker.

In the Telegraph Online ....

And a excerpt from Greenie Watch : The timing was immaculate. Last Tuesday, across a two-page extract from the memoirs of Peter Sissons, the senior BBC newsreader, was the headline: "The BBC became a propaganda machine for climate change zealots - I was treated as a lunatic for daring to dissent."

The previous evening the BBC had put out a perfect example of the zealotry which had made Mr Sissons, as a grown-up journalist, so angry. Horizon's "Science Under Attack" turned out to be yet another laborious bid by the BBC to defend the global warming orthodoxy it has long been so relentless in promoting.

As BBC lite here in Canada The Ceeb has NO ONE who would stray off the reservation on such political orthodoxies....

Related : Court refuses to block EPA Fraud


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Victory ?

In a matter that should never have come to this ...THIS !

The strategic retreat of the enemies of personal freedom in Denmark over the speaking of facts and truth about barbarism is not a true victory.

Victory comes when you have caught the shitbags and exposed their corruption in manner that forces them to ATONE for their deviant and truly antisocial behavior.

Lars Hedegaard has won some measure of vindication and earned respect in this case .... but those who sought to pillory him for going against their own twisted revisionism have yet to pay for the evil they attempted to impose.


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Read This Smartass

And understand why liberal arts degrees are the best possibly way to stake out a future of using cardboard as your primary home building material.

You're too effin lazy to do real work or learn a trade? liberal arts and social sciences faculties all love to help you get where you deserve to go.

After you've wasted 3 to 5 years of your life and helped a bunch of likewise useless f@CKERS justify their own existence in academie.... you'll be ready.


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Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Awful Truth


Saturday Shovel the Snow

Well ..... last week it was the deep freeze.
This week it's snow ... snow .... snow!
Yesterday the stuff was falling over night and made a nice little mess for going to work .... then it really came down. I think it was something like 15 cm or more total ... but ... over the 11 to noon period we got about 8 cm.

So .... OMMAG junior was supposed to have taken care of the driveway before I got home from work .... not so much as it turns out. He had just enough cleaned off to bring the truck in and I spent an hour and a half digging out enough space to get the Jeep parked and cleaning up.

Tweeked the back in the process (luckily got a heating pad on it in time to prevent total seizure) and woke up today with plenty of sore muscle.

Haven't been out yet to inspect the situation .... apparently Jr. brought his girlfriend home to shovel sometime in the evening .... but I know for sure there's crap to move from the city plows .... and a lot of snow to knock off the eves..... so off I go.....

Lucky for Mrs. OMMAG she had a spa day booked ... so it's back to me and my back to clean up the rest.

Last weeks frost on the window....

The beauty of Saturday mornings is that I do not have to get up before the sun....

Another thing .... I do not have to go out!


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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Here We Go Again............

Back to the old games .... softwood lumber produced in BC is subsidized because it's cheep!

It's not fair whines US lumber industry....

Waaa Waaa Waaa .....

First it was subsidies ... go to court ... court says BS Bubba ... go home ... Bubba whines and refuses to play.

Next it was cutting fees .... too low = subsidies .... go to court .... court says BS Bubba .... go home.... Bubba whines and refuses to play.

Then it was back to court ... they're not playing fair says Bubba ..... court says pay back those fines and duties you stole ..... Bubba whines and refuses to play.

Tell ya what Bubba ... we'll let you come and buy out the producers ..... bugs and all! Soon as you pay back the money you owe.....

"We're following the rules as they've been set out," said John Allan, spokesman for the British Columbia Lumber Trade Council. "When the U.S. lumber lobby feels the pinch . . . they use their political forces to put pressure on the U.S. administration to come after us."


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Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday's Just Because

Hey ... remember the nail gun?

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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Reaching for Relevance

In what has to be one of the longest stretches ever in the vain hope of justifying one's existance by redefining the English language....

A "human rights" activist in Winnipeg goes to the Free Press for moral support and a public platform:

Seize, bury cadavers: lawyer

Human rights activist urges province to use obscure act

The desperation of the increasingly irrelevant ......


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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Looks Like Another Lancet Lie Exposed

Among whoppers like Iraeli attrocities in Gaza .... biological warfare ... child murder ..... etc.....
Other beauts like wildly exagerated death tolls in Iraq .... Afghanistan ..... and so on....
Fake reports of deaths caused by rising seas and rampant global warming....

One of the most widely accepted bits of received wisdom perpetuated among those inclined to believe such things ..... Autism caused by juvenile vaccines ..... looks like it's been busted.... FINALLY .... in the MSM ... about a year late to the party.

Big Lies exposed ...

The article, by journalist Brian Deer, found that important details of the cases of each of 12 children reported in the original study either misrepresented or altered the actual experiences of the children, the journal said. "In no single case could the medical records be fully reconciled with the descriptions, diagnoses, or histories published in the journal," the editorial said. It called the study "an elaborate fraud."

The original article, by British doctor Andrew Wakefield and other researchers, was published in the highly regarded journal The Lancet in 1998. The study concluded that the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine—a mainstay of public health disease prevention efforts around the world—was linked to autism and gastrointestinal disorders.

The findings provoked a still-raging debate over vaccine safety and they prompted thousands of parents to forgo shots for their children. Measles outbreaks were subsequently reported in several Western countries. Several epidemiological studies conducted since the Wakefield paper by public health authorities haven't found any link between the vaccines and autism.

The Lancet withdrew the article in January of last year after concluding that "several elements" of the paper were incorrect. But the journal didn't describe any of the discrepancies as fraud. A British regulator stripped Dr. Wakefield of his medical license last May, citing "serious professional misconduct" in the way he handled the research.

Efforts to reach Dr. Wakefield weren't successful.


CNN continues to provide a platform for this fraud....

Speaking on CNN Wednesday night, Dr. Wakefield defended his research. "The study is not a lie. The findings that we made have been replicated in five countries around the world," he said.

Well? Did you fall for this scam?


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Your Pension Is Not Safe Either

They never cared much for individuals freedom or self determination anyway.....

As Europe flails in desperation to bail themselves out of the bilge of their sinking and stinking ship....
Stealing Pensions has become the new measure of how little regard exists for the rights of individuals to enjoy the fruits of their own labours.

Like Barry Soetero's "redistribution" .... like Marx and Lenin ... like Mao ... Like PET, like every Quebec government for the last 70 years, like Ontario's McGuinty and like and Jack Layton dreams of .... and all the rest of the thieving statist bastards of the 20th century ... the new EU governments will destroy every last bit of individual freedom in their efforts to sustain the state and the privileges that come for the bureaucrat as they feed the social welfare beneficiary poux.

From Investors Business Daily (

Social Security: Europe is trying to dig out of its budget hole by seizing private pensions. It's a last-ditch effort to preserve socialism at the expense of the very assets that would sustain its future growth.

In Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Ireland and France, big government, a demographic death spiral and weak tax revenues have left fiscal coffers in trouble. Unwilling to stand up to voters — or rioters — most governments have little taste for doing the right thing: cutting their budgets.

So, they're going after pensions to make up for shortfalls. Public and private pensions co-exist in European countries. In some cases, public ones resemble our own Social Security, stressing budgets.

But instead of privatizing pensions, as Chile did in 1980 — which would have turned these obligations into assets — three former stars of European emerging markets have come up with heavy-handed incentives to turn private savings public. It's a step backward.

In November, Hungary's parliament ordered its nationals to fork over $14 billion in private pensions to the state, effectively nullifying the country's 1997 pension reform. Anyone who balks loses his right to a public pension, but not his obligation to pay into it anyway.

It seems that the use of the term "Private" is somewhat loose in the meaning of the word. In this case "private" seems to be interpreted as anything, even tax sunsidized public employee plan..... most of this theft is from Union Pension funds so a little schadenfreude enters the picture as the useful tools of the labour sort are getting their colonoscopy/colonic flush/ass-syphoning first.

But of course this does not stop there..... next steps will include individual types of plans (something the US is already going after in Health Care) and will have no qualms about in the coming social security crash.

The whole situation strikes me as too close to home even in these early stages and I wonder how those Big Government ... aka Liberal loving .... groups here in Canada are going to see this.

Just imagine the turn around we'd see from groups like the Ontario Teacher's Pension fund if the likes of McGuinty tried this!


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Monday, January 03, 2011

R.I.P. Honey

Anne Francis ... one of my favorite actresses from the 60s


What a looker! Even though she was middle aged when I first noticed her ... that's a face that sticks with a guy.

On the same track a long time Brit character actor fell to the reaper today:

Pete Postlethwaite .......

A face you would always remember .... I can't recall the first time I saw his mug in a movie ... but that face sure did stick in the memory.

This guy was the quintessential character face ... a type ... the working class guy who brought a gritty sort of integrity into every character played.

The IMDB Record of Pete's Work

Peace to you as well Pete.


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So ? What's your point Poindexter ?

In a piece of faux news presented by Business Review Canada ( some writer thinks it is noteworthy that some CPA wrote a report based on some study of CEO compensation. The spin put on this piece seems to be that by camparison the average wage earner is paid less than 1% of what these corporate hot shots get.

As if this has an intrinsic signficance!

Note worthy is the fact that the usual leftard MSMers (CBC - Torstar -Vancouver Sun - CTV etc) have latched onto the piece. Because .... as we should all know ..... any chance to present a theme that encourages non thinking acceptance of such received wisdom from your moral and intellectual betters is an opportunity not to be wasted.

If you care to dip your attention into the peu profonde here's the link :
Can Bus Rev .... if you have the time to kill do a search on googlenews to see the links to the MSM rehash of the article ... note that CP even takes credit for the story. No attribution that I can see.

So what's my point?

Just another example of how lazy, stupid and dishonest the pinheads in the MSM really are.


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Sunday, January 02, 2011

Schadenfreude ....

Finding pleasure in the discomfiture or misfortune of others may seem like an un Christian sort of thing.... but then again knowing ones enemies and taking joy in their failures .... even cheering as they hoist themselves on their own petards ..... has a certain symetrical sense of justice about it.

And so I laugh my ass off when reading that that the BC NDP are caught in a fork of their own policy making of mainly for politically correct solutions to non existant problems.

What goes around comes around baby and those chicken brained feminist fiats look really good when you get caught out in the consequences of them.

LMAO at you dippers.


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A Study in Statistical Insignificance

Watts Up with that?

Has very good graphics using the AMSR-e satellite data to show recorded sea ice extents in arctic and antarctic regions.

While much has been made of deltas in mins maxes and averages .... it is quite plain that the actual measurements show a cohesion of remarkable consistency along all the trends.

Not that this has any impact on this sort of reporting:

From the Vancouver Sun ....

The recent, record-setting retreat of Arctic sea ice in Canada and across the polar north has prompted separate research projects in Britain and the United States aimed at reconstructing the region's historical ice record - from the 18th century age of sail to the dawn of the satellite era in the 1960s.

Stupid and lazy seems to be the main prerequisite for working as a reporter.... or news editor.

It being easier to pander to the fears of hysterical dopes than in making any effort at all to actually inform or educate

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