Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Here We Go Again............

Back to the old games .... softwood lumber produced in BC is subsidized because it's cheep!

It's not fair whines US lumber industry....

Waaa Waaa Waaa .....

First it was subsidies ... go to court ... court says BS Bubba ... go home ... Bubba whines and refuses to play.

Next it was cutting fees .... too low = subsidies .... go to court .... court says BS Bubba .... go home.... Bubba whines and refuses to play.

Then it was back to court ... they're not playing fair says Bubba ..... court says pay back those fines and duties you stole ..... Bubba whines and refuses to play.

Tell ya what Bubba ... we'll let you come and buy out the producers ..... bugs and all! Soon as you pay back the money you owe.....

"We're following the rules as they've been set out," said John Allan, spokesman for the British Columbia Lumber Trade Council. "When the U.S. lumber lobby feels the pinch . . . they use their political forces to put pressure on the U.S. administration to come after us."


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Blogger ORPO1 said...

And the lumber still shows up in the states. I see the rail cars with lumber that is product of British Columbia on it. Soon we will not be able to harvest trees here with the stupid eco laws that are being shoved down our throat.

1/23/2011 11:35 p.m.  
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