Sunday, August 29, 2010



A Rally about True Values and Real Pride ... Just Another Excuse for the MSM To Belittle

When any sort of leftwing or cultural diversity group holds a rally it's good news and fit for pimping and inflating the hyperbole of the lefty narrative.... as if the very fact that some number of people went out in public to demonstrate their anger/support/ whatever over an issue is evidence that said issue is of supreme importance ...and ... if it happens to dovetail with the lefty / progressive narrative then it is THE issue of the moment.

However, when such gatherings happen to support our middle of the road, majority white, Judeo-Christian population and their concerns, hopes and aspirations it as another story.

In the MSM let's just say that the size of the rally was expected and the largely liberal media were setting the tone for their coverage well before the event with snide little comments on air and negative context in print.

The underlying supposition by the MSM was and remains that any such event is to be used as fuel to slander the American mainstream citizen and his aspirations.

The last thing the self styled progressives want is for middle America to rise up to political and social consciousness. Why?

Because individuals who actually think for themselves and believe in self reliance are the natural enemy of the statists ... the socialists and the peecee nurse nanny meddlers.

The first thing that a politically conscious middle America becomes conscious of is the fact that these so called progressives are the ones who have been undermining the freedoms, hopes and aspirations of our nations.

This is the death knell for progressivism and you can thank the likes of Beck for taking this to the people.

On the other side of the baricades :
Obama Administration provides Relief (Pardon for Ramadan) to USS Cole plotter al-nashiri.


With h/t to SDA and others in the threads..........

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday .... Summer .... Winnipeg


Another Friday T-Storm... and Climate Fraud Report

As I sit here by the window watching a granddaddy thunderstorm lumber by I am amused ....

My gin-n-tonic is nice and cold ... the air wafting through the window screen warm and damp... the sky filled with roiling clouds .... and the deep rumble of constant thunder.

There are a number of storms around the area and the evening sun is illuminating the upper reaches of those that have visible tops.

With this backdrop ... I'm wandering the web a bit and find yet another little storm on the climate science front. Well less science than hucksterism...........

Yet another government agency is busted recently with their fingers on the data base editing tool.
This time it's the NOAA ( National Ocean and Atmospheric Admiistration - USA) brought attention to itself when independent analysts began to notice highly irregular patterns in the data published by the government agency. I'd guess it's a little too likely that when other already discredited groups have been shown to have fiddled the data collection system to make a case for alarmist propaganda that the same patterns emerging from big time public funded science research organizations would be found out.

And quite publicly exposed: NOAA - Satellite Scandal is a Catastrophe!!

Well ... I'd say so! After all, it's pretty tough to market the product you sell when everyone finds out it's as likely to be a fake as it is to be the real deal.

Also, for those activists who have entrenched themselves into institutional science organizations it's going to be extra tough to extract money for research. At least money for REAL research and not just propaganda to be used by other frauds and scammers.

The other large and as yet unanswered question in all this is... Why? When individuals without the benefit of high levels of accreditation or the resources of huge organizations have been on to this for as much as ten years at this point. Why then have those highly self regarding major media and science publications not offered one peep about the obvious?

And to this day the most public hucksters continue to scream and yell about how the "skeptics" are all so stupid and dishonest.

Ok? Why?

Time for some more ice now ..... taataa......


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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Better Than Fake

Found a good one over at SDA...........

The Mann method is designed to produce only one result ... even deliberately faked data produce more accurate results than the jacked up Briffa sets.
But... the best part is that if you put any sort of data into the Mann machine ... you get the hockey stick result.

Yet another real scientist ... as opposed to activists possessing some sort of credentials.....

The Reference Frame .. shows why and how the climate fraudsters results were a foregone conclusion.....and asks.....

Why are there still people, including people employed as climate scientists, who claim that they don't realize that the Mann methodology is flawed? They're clearly not up to their job. Could someone please finally fire them? One of the reasons why some laymen may fail to get the point is that they just don't understand the technology, not even the simple argument above. They're waiting for journals.

That is, the very method used in Mann et al. (1998) guarantees the [hockey stick] shape of Figure 1. (Page 5)

Well, this point has been known at least for 7 years but maybe, some of the people suddenly start to take notice when papers with this no-longer-original finding start to appear in conventional peer-reviewed journals. It's sad that science has to go through these irrational political battles when nasty folks and aggressive crackpots of Mann's type - who should spend their lives in jail - may prevent knowledge from disseminating for 7 years. But even in the real world, the lies have short legs, after all. They can't get too far.

As I have bee saying for over three years ... when the very people who created the sampling and modeling methodolgies mock the work of their students because they see the misapplication of the theory and the falsification of results .... then you ought to have a clue about the integrity of those sources.

See Dr. Reid Bryson.... .

If you actually don't care or don't believe that this matters .... then you are just as big a crackpot and loon as those fraudsters.

This goes for the wilfull propagators and abusers of these deliberate lies such as David Suzuki and the Goracle.



An August Beer or Two

My nephew Jeff came to visit us in the Peg for a few days.

Friday offered an opportunity to imbibe.

Chimay ... new to our local MLC outlet but a sure thing in my books.

As noted earlier... .



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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Washington Economics..................

Now try it with chainsaws....................

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Turning Point?


From Abinsistral at Flares into Darkness:

As if any of us can avoid posting about, as John Hinderaker at Powerline called it, the
Breitbart-NAACP-Vilsack-Sherrod affair...

It strikes me that nobody involved in the mess has exactly covered themselves with glory: Breitbart seems to have tarred her a bit unfairly to make his point about the NAACP, the NAACP fumbled about and looked like idiots as usual, Vislack acted precipitously in firing her, and Sherrod seems still enamored with the notion of dividing people into Us and Them as she babbles on and on.

Credit has to be given to Breitbart for how he has manipulated the legacy media's weakness against itself. The speed at which this story grew is a direct result of how he rolled out the ACORN story. The legacy media has lost its monopoly on what is news and what is not. I think that will prove to be the real significance of this kerfuffle.

Credit indeed......


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Saturday, August 07, 2010

Try This............

I write like
Vladimir Nabokov

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!



At The Lumberjack Cabin................

Deepak Chopra ....

Humiliation and patchouli

Who is Deepak Chopra?

He's a pop philospher of some note .... you know. The kind media dimwits like to go to for quick quotes on anything they don't have a clue about?

Yeah .... I know .... Deepak is a real busy guy.... and gets cutely goosed by this guy in the clip.




The Bald Face of Canadian Liberalista Journos...

The NP saw fit today to print a piece of contemptuous, conservative bashing from the frmly entrenched (in the liberal camp) Don Martin.

D'ohMo in my books...............

If you have the stomach for it try the link Bullhorn Baird gets the call ... (or if you just happen to like that sort of thing.)

A small excerpt :

Whenever the Prime Minister seeks to unleash raw decibels over reasoned debate, he calls on Ottawa MP John Baird to warm up his bullhorn-sized vocal chords and drown out the opposition.

Yes DohMo .... that's the way to make a reasoned point! Isn't it?

Your national media mainstream .... carrying water for the kleptocrats, commies and traitors that they can't manage on their own.


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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The Week That Was ....

The Week That Was (to July 31, 2010)

Excerpts from Ken Haapala, Executive Vice President, Science and Environmental Policy Project (SEPP)

On Thursday afternoon, the ten groups that petitioned EPA to reconsider its finding that carbon dioxide emissions endanger public health and welfare received notice that the petitions have been denied. This was not unexpected.

The notice quotes the May 2010 report of the National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences, Advancing the Science of Climate Change:

"[T]here is a strong, credible body of evidence, based on multiple lines of research, documenting that climate is changing, and that these changes are in large part caused by human activities... . Climate change... poses significant risks for – and in many cases is already affecting – a broad range of human and natural systems."

The June 5, 2010 TWTW’ Science Editorial discussed this report. “The report … claims that the climate is warming and that the cause is human.” “The first claim of this federally funded $6-million exercise is meaningless and trivial, the second claim is almost surely wrong. Their recommendation is that the United States should put a price on carbon to staunch emissions of CO2; it is pointless, counterproductive, and very costly.”

Clearly, the leadership for the National Academy of Sciences has placed that venerable organization in the camp of those demanding expansion of government power and control over the American economy. This entire exercise requires abandoning knowledge of the earth’s history.
From Greenie Watch ...

The EPA notice opens with this sentence: “EPA determined in December 2009 that climate change caused by emissions of greenhouse gases threatens the public's health and the environment.” [Bold face added] The Constitution discusses protecting public health and welfare, not the more nebulous term the environment which could be used to justify regulation of virtually all human activity.

The response to the petitions is some 590 pages long. In addition to the NAS study the notice references other studies including the IPCC Assessment Report, the 2009 study by the U.S. Global Change Research Program and a NOAA study released on July 28, 2010, no doubt especially prepared for the occasion. Also the notice references the three British inquiries into Climategate, the Netherlands assessment of the IPCC report, and the Penn State investigation of Michael Mann. It will not be a quiet August for those who have petitioned the courts to review the EPA endangerment finding.

This fight is not over by a long shot!


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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

How Is It ..... That a Guy in New Zealand

Has the pulse of the America hating left wing so precisely counted?

Trevor Louden ... Obama File 109 "Journolist... "

An overlapping group of "JournoListas" , at least eight strong were centered on another organization, which has close ties to the three highly influential power centers - financier and "change agent" George Soros' , internet giant Google and DC based non profit Free Press - accused by its opponents of aiding Obama Administration attempts to censor and manipulate information on the internet.

Food for thought....


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Monday, August 02, 2010

Chainsaws Rock !

Rockin out on the Stihl....


H/T ... The Lumberjack...



Summer Vacation..........

Seems we have a visitor that just decided to drop in for the summer......

A little "Chorn" (black) has been coming by to check out the action in our back yard.

Buddy ... the polidactyl white and Kleo the salt and pepper patch are divided on how to receive the guest.

Meanwhile .....

Every hot sunny day seems to finnish with gathering clouds and a thunderstorm.......

That's Life!