Friday, August 20, 2010

Another Friday T-Storm... and Climate Fraud Report

As I sit here by the window watching a granddaddy thunderstorm lumber by I am amused ....

My gin-n-tonic is nice and cold ... the air wafting through the window screen warm and damp... the sky filled with roiling clouds .... and the deep rumble of constant thunder.

There are a number of storms around the area and the evening sun is illuminating the upper reaches of those that have visible tops.

With this backdrop ... I'm wandering the web a bit and find yet another little storm on the climate science front. Well less science than hucksterism...........

Yet another government agency is busted recently with their fingers on the data base editing tool.
This time it's the NOAA ( National Ocean and Atmospheric Admiistration - USA) brought attention to itself when independent analysts began to notice highly irregular patterns in the data published by the government agency. I'd guess it's a little too likely that when other already discredited groups have been shown to have fiddled the data collection system to make a case for alarmist propaganda that the same patterns emerging from big time public funded science research organizations would be found out.

And quite publicly exposed: NOAA - Satellite Scandal is a Catastrophe!!

Well ... I'd say so! After all, it's pretty tough to market the product you sell when everyone finds out it's as likely to be a fake as it is to be the real deal.

Also, for those activists who have entrenched themselves into institutional science organizations it's going to be extra tough to extract money for research. At least money for REAL research and not just propaganda to be used by other frauds and scammers.

The other large and as yet unanswered question in all this is... Why? When individuals without the benefit of high levels of accreditation or the resources of huge organizations have been on to this for as much as ten years at this point. Why then have those highly self regarding major media and science publications not offered one peep about the obvious?

And to this day the most public hucksters continue to scream and yell about how the "skeptics" are all so stupid and dishonest.

Ok? Why?

Time for some more ice now ..... taataa......


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