Sunday, August 15, 2010

Better Than Fake

Found a good one over at SDA...........

The Mann method is designed to produce only one result ... even deliberately faked data produce more accurate results than the jacked up Briffa sets.
But... the best part is that if you put any sort of data into the Mann machine ... you get the hockey stick result.

Yet another real scientist ... as opposed to activists possessing some sort of credentials.....

The Reference Frame .. shows why and how the climate fraudsters results were a foregone conclusion.....and asks.....

Why are there still people, including people employed as climate scientists, who claim that they don't realize that the Mann methodology is flawed? They're clearly not up to their job. Could someone please finally fire them? One of the reasons why some laymen may fail to get the point is that they just don't understand the technology, not even the simple argument above. They're waiting for journals.

That is, the very method used in Mann et al. (1998) guarantees the [hockey stick] shape of Figure 1. (Page 5)

Well, this point has been known at least for 7 years but maybe, some of the people suddenly start to take notice when papers with this no-longer-original finding start to appear in conventional peer-reviewed journals. It's sad that science has to go through these irrational political battles when nasty folks and aggressive crackpots of Mann's type - who should spend their lives in jail - may prevent knowledge from disseminating for 7 years. But even in the real world, the lies have short legs, after all. They can't get too far.

As I have bee saying for over three years ... when the very people who created the sampling and modeling methodolgies mock the work of their students because they see the misapplication of the theory and the falsification of results .... then you ought to have a clue about the integrity of those sources.

See Dr. Reid Bryson.... .

If you actually don't care or don't believe that this matters .... then you are just as big a crackpot and loon as those fraudsters.

This goes for the wilfull propagators and abusers of these deliberate lies such as David Suzuki and the Goracle.




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