Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Trust Scientists?

If you are scientifically illiterate perhaps. If you are so naive as to believe what media morons write about science. If you think politicians and bureaucrats actually know what they are talking about or care when they begin using "science" as an excuse to interfere in your life.

But beyond these circumstances there is the fundamental question of whether scientific researchers are more interested in promoting their work for funding and personal agendas than they are in actually learning and developing fields of knowledge.

However, it seems that chickens are coming home to roost:

From:   Borepatch   

Study: American public doesn't trust scientists

Excerpt .... So a Psychologist and Public Affairs Professor says that the way to address mistrust caused by the perception of agenda-driven science and featherbedding is by pushing an environmentalist agenda and slick talking. Riiiight. Good idea. Maybe the public's concern about the monomaniacal thirst for grant funding is right, and warps how science is done? From an old post of mine, Make Big Money doing climate research from home: Well, I don't know about the "work from home" part, and whether you need to stuff envelopes, but the money's sweet: $79B since 1989, just from the US Fed.Gov. Add in the fellow traveler Euro.Govs and you've maybe doubled that. Note that's "B" as in "Billion". Skim a lot off the top for Department of Energy and other bureaucrats, and there's plenty of cold hard cash, as long as you toe the line Or perhaps it's an awareness that scientists are not playing straight with the public?

Thanks BP ...

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